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Thread: Our free dimension - Higher item limit!

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    Default Our free dimension - Higher item limit!

    While the incentive is obviously to delve into more expensive dimensions that can thus carry more items right off the bat, I really feel that people should have at least a little more freedom in placing objects in the basic dimension, and thus to not have a 120 item limit, but a 200 item limit (or more). This is still substantially lower than most dimensions, but I really think 200 would make world of a difference.

    I made a dimension on Faeblight. It's currently ranked fourth out of all the dimensions on the list, which is incredible seeing the negative feedback people seem to be saying regarding the free dimension, Sanguine Shores. This puts my dimension, the "free" and "lame" dimension, above many of the more expensive ones. It's only the beginning days and many great dimensions are being built as I type this, and my ranking wills surely plummet at some point soon, but for now I just want to prove people wrong about Sanguine Shores by making a dimension to inspire and motivate. Regardless of what dimension we have, 200 items to place, at least, would make a huge difference. The current 120 limit goes fast!

    If we ultimately did like our dimension, why should we be limited? We're still sinking our money and time to collect all the additional items to place in the dimension, so it's still an effort that shows dedication to the game. You don't (necessarily) need the biggest dimension to be the best!

    My name on Faeblight is Zenaan and the dimension is called Cozy Sanguine. If your around and your willing to make a visit, come on by. Let me know what you think. Once you see it hopefully you'll realize what I mean when I say that even in a free dimension, it's amazing what you can accomplish. With more items, you can accomplish even more!

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    Default Would have to agree with you.

    Hello I am on your server as well (Himikai feel free to stop in!) The 120 limit is very sad when it comes to the free zone. Yes yes, I should be happy that they even had a free one but like you said we would still be spending in game money for items to place within our little part of the world.

    I hit the 120 item limit the first night, and I still had huge plans for this little zone. I really think when it comes down to it its the fact that you spend most of your 120 limit making a building/ house and then we are unable to really do the fun part which is the deco of the home.

    But, i am all for a MUCH larger limit for the free zone.

    By the way my zone is called Left Turn or just look me up (name above)

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    Nope... ain't gunna happen.

    Apparently you haven't bought an expensive home on any toon... My Item limit was 200 on the 500 plat Vengeful skies zone.

    If I wanted more space I had to PAY EXTRA.... I think I paid 50 plat to get to 300.. and 150 plat more to get to 600... and then i want to say it was like 300 plat more to go to 800 but I don't feel like it right now.

    check on the freebie one to see if you can pay for upgrades... it' s a button next to the item count.

    But there is no way in hell they should give you the same item count on a free zone as I got on a 500 plat one... I think if you knew how the system was set up you probably would have already realized it was a silly request and not mentioned it ;-p

    What I wish is that you could pay extra and expand your territory out... 600 items for what I want to accomplish seems like a TON... but I'd really like a tunnel somewhere or a pre-fab house I could pay to have added... something interesting enough to make it worth buying.

    If that was the devs did Sanguine shores could be way cooler... there is nice stuff right near there that I am sure you guys would love to have access to.. so if you could pay to upgrade item count and to increase the radius of the area you have access to you would probably gladly do it rather than tear down what you just have built and rebuild elsewhere.

    It would have less of an impact on Vengeful Skies because I am really "Land Locked".. surrounded by mountains... but like I said.. maybe a tunnel that goes to an underground chamber... I can't DIG.
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    Default We know you can upgrade


    In the basic the limit item in total after upgrading is ONLY 120, and it is that reason why we wish it would be raised for us to buy more item limit

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    Yes a higher item limit is a must! across all zones, I have Vengeful Sky as well as I think it is much more attractive than Dormant Core and an 800 item limit is painful!

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