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Thread: Item that is not worn or consumable, that gives an skeleton look

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    Default Item that is not worn or consumable, that gives an skeleton look

    I love the look of a bleached, skeleton look. I would do saga level quest to achieve said item.....

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    it would make a nice costume item
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    I hope the game finds an ingame method (Eq2 sadly did this through lame $LoN$) of obtaining more illusion forms.

    I recall having all sorts of cool ones. Green or red ghost effects (literally made you semi transparent, and could stack with some other illusionary particle fx). One that turned me into an armored looking knight. One that turned me into a pirate (<3'd this one). Those were just a couple favorite - gosh, way too many to remember. Think I had a whole bank vault of illusions! Pretty sure they had skeleton too. Rift is pretty hot with their costumes, I would love to see what they could put out if they put their mind to some unique and player desired illusion forms.
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