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Thread: How About Letting Me Transfer to Any Shard I Want To?

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    Default How About Letting Me Transfer to Any Shard I Want To?

    Instead of forcing me into one of the four less populated shards even though I know the shard I'd like to go to isn't full because I just made a new toon in the same faction on it?

    Seriously...finding a guild with a raid time that works for me is hard enough...limiting me to half the shards because some guy in a cube decided this would be a great way to get more people on the lower population shards is not exactly the type of thing I'd expect from you guys.

    One of the things I liked so much about Rift is the support and service provided by Trion...including the character transfer feature. Not being able to join half the guilds in the guild finder thread is a major bummer

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    Population shouldn't be imbalanced for too long. Typically once a shard gets locked to transfers a number of guilds leave so they can get new members. Failing that, get yourself and your new guilds gm to both put in tickets explaining the situation, it usually works.

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