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Thread: Conquest Recommendations for the Developers

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    Default Conquest Recommendations for the Developers

    Good day Trion,

    I would like to suggest that you RANDOMIZE the Conquest queues. Reason being is I for one refuse to change factions if the faction I wish for is farming them. What I mean by farming is for example, since Trion integrated more shards in Conquest Nightfall has been dominant 90% of the time. Also IF for some reason you refuse to RANDOMIZE Conquest to better serve your paying customers atleast rotate the queue from shard to shard starting 1 one day and another day so us players atleast get a chance to get in what we want rather than wasting hours getting in or all our time NOT getting in. I know people would say no way but those people are who I wish to avoid. The DO make pvp highly stressful and unenjoyable. Think about your Terms of Conduct.....if not random then their violating it every day help please RANDOMIZE Conquest it would better balance the Conquest raids and then winning would depend on skill not kill. BTW Love the game thanks.

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    Default Conquest recommendations for the developers


    I must agree with Emeral because it is hard to get in regardless, but the randomization would greatly improve the chances of enjoyment and keep what we call "Keyboard Rambos" from always controlling the game. I am a paying customer even bought another year. I would love to be able to get in. And if people do complain and make you decide against it, atleaste rotate shard queue timers I am on Wolfsbane and wow...there is always an 8 second delay after clock reaches 0. btw I also want to apologize for my earlier post outburst I am ans was more so irritated by the constant tinkering with what was perfect from day one.

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    I have a love hate with this. I do like picking the faction I am on . However the fact is when you have one faction crazy full and the others are just at a trickle one will dominate. I know there is a limit to how much bigger one conquest group can be over the others but they are still bigger and bigger is better. Random ques will help stop that.

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