Currently, if I havn't missed something, there is only 2 ways of winning conquest. Either obtain enough extractors or kill a big amount of players.

Conquest is a really fun idea of pvp but atleast in the EU the conquest have turned out to be only one faction domination. Nightfall is winning 90% of the games and they win 99% of the pvp fights in game.
It is very strange that no mather who joins Nightfall they always get a totally different morality, playing together as a group and is full of confidence. While the second most populalair Oathsworn running around like scared chickens capping extractors. So if you don't get to join Nightfall the game ends out very boring and frustrating.

So far there is 2 strategies. Nightfalls stratety to run around in a collectivity winning all the fights, while Oathsworn's strategy is to spread out and trying to cap as many extractors as possible. But that is it! There is no way around it. If you are a small group the game turns out boring and meaningless. There is nothing you can do other than capping extractors which is hard if are less than 5 players. If you are Oathsworn you can only hope that Nightfall is to occupied farming players that they forget to look at the map. Domi's is just there in their corner capping 3-4 extractors at the most.

So there are some ways that I would suggest adding.
First thing would to actually change to condition of winning to instead be first team to obtain 10000 points or something like that. Points is gained by killing bosses, holding extractors or killing players. You could bypass this by either killing the other teams bosses or holding like xxx amount of extractors(just like it is now).
Second thing is actually making a option to join as random which would increase your favor gained by xxx amount.
Third making a smaller team more powerfull. Buffing stats way more that what is now if one team is far outnumbered.
Fourth would add alot of small bosses around the map that a small team could kill, they would reward in points or even a small buff for your team.
Fifth is to add one or two bosses to each team, that are really tough but can be killed by a very large group. Killing these bosses would eliminate the team.
Sixth is to make defending easier. The turrets doesn't really make any difference if a larger group comes. I mean just like in chess. Making an option to defend can be really fun. Ofcourse with no offense you wont win the game but atleast you have something meaningfull to do. Adding another strategy to the game, to actually hold a position. My suggestion is even that some extractors should be way more important than others, so that they really are worth defending.

For me it makes no sence in not having more than one strategy of winning. Or a game that basicly only one team has the chance of winning. I believe that most players just like I am, are very creative, and like to find other ways of winning. Like making a small group of players who can turn the tide of the battle because they made a sneaky move, or just play smarter than a 40 man zerge raid.

My 2 cents....