Paladin Soul Rework
Reworking the Paladin soul from a tank into a healer without changing too much to raid compositions and adding extra bit of flavor to PvP. The paladin healer is a ver melee intensive healer loves to jomp into the thick of battle take hits and is good at it tankier then most other healers but weaker at warding off the magical components that strip away or debuff the paladin and their allies. Most of the paladin’s healing abilities require a more personal touch and require more focus
For Every point spent into the Paladin soul tree
Damage is decreased by 1%
Threat generation is decreased by 1%
Single target healing is increased by 1%
Endurance is increased by.75%
Resist are increased by .5%
Armor is increased by .5%
Paladin soul tree changes.
Tier one
Stalwart shield – Increases block by .6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3%
A good defense – No longer increases damage but now increases healing done by abilities that generate attack points.
Tier two
Shield of the hero – Block rating increases healing done by 1% for every 30 block rating lasts 1 hour
Aggressive Guardian – Targets healed by your single target heals take 1%/2%/3% less damage
Vengeful Wrath – no longer increases damage done by attacks that must follow a block but now Increase Healing done by abilities that must follow a block 3%/6%/9%/12%/15%
Steady Aggression – Increases the duration of aggressive block by2/4/6 s
Tier three
Light’s Hammer - range is changed to 10 m down from 20.
Enduring – Increases endurance by 1.5%/3%/4.5%/6%/7.5%
Martial Shield – each successful block has a 12.5/25% chance to award 1 attack point
Tier four
Hardened defenses – increases resistances by 2/4/6%
Face Slam – interrupts 8s cooldown
Pacification – duration increased to 20 seconds
Tier five
Resolution –reduces the cooldown on Light’s balm and Light’s blessing by 1/2 s
Balance of power – on a successful interrupt Face slam now silences the target for .5/1/1.5 seconds
Touch of Life – No longer a self heal but restore only 50% of the paladin health to the target cooldown is reduced to 45 seconds
Tier six
Front Line training –Block is now able to block Ranged abilities at a 75/50% less rate of melee abilities and reduce 75/50% less damage (Basically the paladin is able to block ranged attacks but at half the rate and half the reduction as the paladin would normally. Lets say paladin has a 40% chance to block an attack and reduce its dmg by 70% all ranged abilities have a 20% chance to be blocked for 35% damage reduction)
Invigoration – for 15 seconds after you block an attack your healing is increased by 2% this effect stacks up to 5 times (subject to change)
Divine Grace – Increases the healing of Light’s balm and Light’s blessing by 5/10%
Shield of the vengeful – (Combat buff) 25% of Damage dealt to the target is reflected back at caster up to a maximum of 5% of the Paladin’s health Lasts 10s
Tier seven
Light’s Domination – stuns up to 5 enemies in front of the paladin within 10 m
Brutal Response – Increases the paladin’s movement speed by 10% for 5 s after being the victim of a critical hit (can not occur more the once every 10 s)
Unyielding defense – Increases damage reduction when blocking by 1/2/3%
Tier eight
Light’s Favor – Reduces the cooldown of Life’s Rapture by 10/20/30 Seconds and Touch of life by 5/10/15 Seconds
Light’s Protection – Range is now 35 m
Blessed Aegis – You may have 2 active shield buffs
Tier nine
Shield defense – range is now 20 m Target takes 30% less damage for 6 s
Core Abilities
0 point
Aggressive block - increases warrior’s block rating by 3% for 19 seconds (only usable in melee)
Building Fury (removed) no longer needed due to the soul rework into a healing soul.
Light’s Balm (moved from 16 point to replace building fury) – Instant cast cooldown of 5 s awards 1 attack point
Pacifying Strike – Deals damage to the target awards 1 attack point
2 point
Righteous Mandate (replaces Righteous blow) – 2.0s cast Heals the target for an amount based on attack points
4 point
Retaliation – Can only be used after the paladin has blocked Warrior deals damage to the attacker and heals the paladin
8 point
Shield throw – can only be used after the paladin blocked Heals a friendly target (oGCD) range 20m
12 point
Sacrificial Balm – The paladin sacrifices 5% of Paladin’s health to heal the target for 10% of the paladin’s health
16 point
Sweeping strike – Snares the target for 6s
20 point
Judgement – Heals the target after 8s have passed (heals at the end of the 8 s not over the 8s)
24 point
Shield Charge – Charge to a group or raid member making them immune to crowd control effects for 5 s range 3-20m (does not remove crowd control effects or harmful effects)
28 point
Light’s Vengeance – Heals the target for an amount over 15 s (based off attack points)
32 point
Light’s Decree – The Paladin pulls a group or raid member to his/her location reducing the damage the target takes by 5% 3-20m range
36 point
Light’s Reprisal Brings the fallen aly back to life with 50% health and mana can be used in combat (instant cooldown 5 minutes)
40 point
Light’s Blessing – Cooldown 10 s Heals the target (larger amount then Light’s balm) awards 1 attack point
44 point
Shield of the chosen – increases block rating by 5%
48 point
Reverant Protection – the paladin takes 10% damage taken from a group or raid member Paladin’s damage is reduced by 10% for 15s
51 point
Life’s Rapture – Reduces damage taken by the target by 10 s in addition heals the target for 100% of the paladin’s health over 6 s
54 point
Light’s Benediction – Reduces the damage the target deals by 10% Reduces the damage the target takes by 30% (Can not be used with Shield defense or within 15 seconds of Shield defense)
58 point
Shield of the Light – Applies a stack of soothing light each time the warrior blocks an attacks Soothing light grants the temporary ability Soothing Grace allowing the warrior to Heal a group or raid member within 35 m over 12 s healing done increased per stack
61 point
Protector’s Fury – for the next 30s when ever the warrior is damaged applies a stack increasing healing done by 5% max 5 stacks (can only occur once per second)