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Thread: Rift 3.0

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    Default Rift 3.0

    Hail Ascended!

    With Rift 3.0 the Ascended will travel to Telara's center where the ancient Source Core awaits their discovery. With the power of the Source Core and the Infinity Gate at their disposal, the Ascended will take the fight to the Elemental Planes themselves. This time, the Ascended are the invaders! Gather your friends and journey to the edges of time and space, newfound powers await!

    Features of Rift 3.0

    New Ways to Interact With Tears
    New Ascended Power: Quantum Teleport

    With this power, an Ascended may use a tear in one zone to teleport to a tear in another zone, but at risk! The Ascended will have to fight through a quantum corridor of a random Elemental Plane to reach the other side!

    Planar Fishing

    Fishing isn't just for water anymore! Archmaster fishers, interdimensional fishing poles in hand, can now fish through the event horizon of tears. Reel in the mysteries of the universe today!

    New Crafting Discipline: Planecrafting

    The expert rift lures, raid rift lures, hunt rift lures, crafting rift lures, and other rift lures will be moved from the planar vendors into this discipline as craftable consumables. The majority of lesser and greater essences have also been moved off of vendors and put into this discipline and may be accessed either via bought or dropped recipes. A variety of new source engine/sigils will be craftable under this discipline as well. Mats for planecrafting will now drop from Source Chests from all rifts and some invasions.

    Source Core/Sigil update! You may now remove your essences from your source core/sigil.

    New Types of Rifts

    Quantum Labyrinths: These rifts may be activated from the new quantum tears, which are red glowing tears only visible if the Ascended has Quantum/Omen sight activated. The tears may be opened with any type of lure and their properties will change depending upon the type of elemental lure used to open them.

    Quantum labyrinths are open world rift-mazes that tower into the sky. Can you fight your way to the top and claim the reward? Make sure you run in with your Quantum/Omen Sight activated, because there are many invisible traps/barriers that must be navigated!

    Once a quantum labyrinth rift is open, any player will be able to participate in it and see the majority of its structure, but only players with Quantum/Omen Sight activated will be able to lead the way through its dangers.

    Black Holes: Strange new forces are at work on Telara. Black Holes may randomly open and swallow large groups of players. Caught in the belly of some exotic intraplanar beast, the Ascended will have to cooperate to fight their way out of its cosmic innards, which happen to be full of the massive waves of invasions it was digesting.

    Black Holes are the first instanced rifts designed to capture players, rather than letting them decide if they want to avoid it or not! Black Hole difficulty will scale with the number of players, their level, and their core stat values.

    New Ascended Power: Gravity Inversion

    Journey to the center of Telara and attune yourself to the ancient Source Core to learn this amazing ascended power! It will turn your whole world upside down! Solve new puzzles and navigate new dungeons and raids where the ceiling might need to be the floor sometimes! In the open world, the gravity inversion buff will make you immune to the pull of black holes.

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    Nice ideas.

    I personally hope they start to expand the zones, why cant there be high level place and low level place, in one zone, something I believe Elder Scroll Online devs are doing, its kinda smart it saves time.
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