New PvP Mode: All Things Equal

“All Things Equal” is a maximum level (50 now 60 for Storm Legion) PvP mode based solely on players’ skills instead of time spent gaining prestige ranks and the corresponding higher end PvP gear. All players will be able to use the best PvP gear/stats currently available in the game for the highest prestige level. Also, planar attunement points must be equal as well (same amount of PA points for every player to apply in whatever trees they like). How this could be implemented is something I am still working on. One possible solution is to only use a full war PA tree.
This new mode is a great idea for capturing the interest of new players in Rift, casual players, and also veteran PvE players that do not have the patience, interest, or extra time outside of raiding to participate in the current PvP die-one-million-times-grind-fest. “All Things Equal” will use two sub-modes with the main idea being (1) random players and no group queuing and (2) raid vs raid or Guild vs Guild with no solo queuing. Rewards for this new mode can be anything that does not increase player stats for PvP or PvE like new titles, companions, wardrobe gear sets, mounts, and a separate ranking system for both individual players and guilds). All Things Equal will allow every player to experience what it is like to control their character with the maximum PvP stats allowed by their class and souls combination.
This new PvP mode will open up the door to fresh ideas that will spark new and increased interest into the dying PvP area of Rift. I am sure that most players will agree that the current PvP system could use some help. For those of you that have put in the insane amount of time getting the best gear and highest prestige rank, you might be thinking that this whole suggestion of mine is a bad idea. Well my response to that is: this mode will make you a better player in PvP and it will not hurt the regular prestige rank division modes. There will still be lots of rank 39s that you can show off your “E-peen” too. On top of that, you will be able to show off your individual or guild “E-peen” in the new mode via your rank on the in-game and/or website rankings list.

The PvP interface window (the one with multiple tabs for Warfronts, PvP stats, and Conquest) will get an extra tab labeled “All Things Equal”. In the new tab, there will be two main buttons: 1. “Join Guild VS Guild” and 2. “Join Random VS Random” at the bottom just like the current join warfronts tab. The rest of the tab would look like the button layout of the existing join warfronts tab. This new tab will also display information about ranks and statistics for both the player and their guild. It might be a good idea to show the top ranked 5 to 10 guilds and players in this new tab as well as on the official Rift website.

1. Fun for all players whether veterans or new to pvp
2. Potential for new expansion ideas (*guild ladder competitions, adding new item rewards in future, etc…)
3. Renewed interest in and a totally revived PvP system
4. A way to test class/soul balance in PvP with maximum player stats and the only unknown being player skill

Rift Community Input:
I welcome all players in the Rift community and especially Rift Devs to respond with constructive criticism, suggestions, any other HELPFUL feedback, or even just a “/sign” if you like the idea as is. I do not welcome any kind of negative responses, verbal attacks, or completely useless, waste-of-space responses that do not make sense and/or do not add to the quality of this thread.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.

*This would be complicated to implement but definitely worth it. It does have some major potential and will add a fun activity for guilds to do outside of running dungeon groups, roleplaying, and raiding.