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Thread: Rogues and energy

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    Default Rogues and energy

    Warriors never run out of energy, Mages and Clerics never run out of mana ( or have plenty of vials or other resources). Now with the latest patch, Rogues run out of energy constantly while using fan-out or trick shot which drops dps. Suggest adding more energy or dropping energy requirements for some abilities. On a side note since the patch, rangers are 100% useless now.

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    Did notice harsher conditions today with bard reduction up opposed to prior to 1.11, in regards to power usage >.<
    New round up of some high rank matches
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    Default rogues

    Ok i really enjoyed rift until this last patch......
    trion i am so disapointed and pissed off with these nerfs

    u have totally ruined my class u should have added thing not completly changed it was fine the way it was...
    if other classes had a problem with our dps that way there problem not mine.... I left aion when they nerfed the rogues left WoW when they did it in eq2 i did the same as a company u should have realized this was a bad idea from the start when others have lost so many subscribers because of nerfs.......
    u need to fix this issue with my class to a comparable dps to where it was or im leaving and i can say at least 50 other people i know will be as well... there even going to charge back the expansion they payed for.....because they are completly pissed with your changes

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    I thought the new patch fixed that! Obviously not. Ranger, Marks, Bard, --- I'm running out of energy and getting tired of it too. I hope this can be fixed. I thought the upgrade said increased energy but its not enough i see so far.

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