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Thread: Raid Que

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    Default Raid Que

    I'm suggesting a que not sure how spell that atm but would enjoy ablity to be able to click join to setup for a dungeon for raids if able to enter them like the expert and normal but don't have to have reward like other's but would be fantastic to sign up there way instead of waiting hour's and level 50 channel to get in a raid.. it's exstreamly diffcult that way and hard to do becouse not everyone is reading 50 channel..
    and for players that don't exsacly wanna join large guilds to get a try at a raid dungeon

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    Because of the variety of spec changes needed throughout the raids it's nearly impossible to put them in to a LFG tool. Join a guild, or build a PUG raid in chat. That way you can ask for specific things that you need . . . and also get people that somewhat want to be there instead of just want to get it over with and the shinnies to drop.

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