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Thread: Character Selection screen

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    Default Character Selection screen

    I think a couple of cosmetic changes would be nice for the chr select screen.

    1) Separate Guardian/Defiant characters even more - place one faction on the left, and the other on the right. Have a counter/message at the bottom about maximum characters allowed (6, regardless of faction).

    2) Allow the option to change the order in which characters appear in the list. Sometimes people may wish to change it, for various reasons (eg, rerolling to a different main chr, and keep the old one for storage/crafting/whatever) and I guess many people would rather have their main character at the top. (currently this is possible, but only with a 1 week delay of being on a different server, which often simply isn't an option)

    These are only small, unimportant cosmetic changes, but they would be appreciated by a number of people, I think.
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    Especially the 2nd suggestion would be nice.
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    Rogues are completly fine to be honest.
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    please stop qq about nerfs because i promise if u keep it up rift will shut down because they have no subribers and we will have wasted our money on a failed game simply because everyone was acting like little kids because they couldnt faceroll anyone and it actually took effort to kill them

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    Aaaaalmost agree with you entirely.

    Make it six allowed for EACH faction, and I'm sold!
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