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Thread: Increase visibility of major changes - like factions

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    Default Increase visibility of major changes - like factions

    Good afternoon!

    I have recently returned to Rift with my boyfriend, and actually I last played in June and July. It wasn't long ago.... when the Guardian and Defiant were very, very different.

    I came back and had learned that a roommate rolled Defiant. Well, I have a lot of developed characters in the Guardian side.... but we both wanted to play with said roommate and decided to start over. We were ready to take the dive into Defiant-land and get ready for expansion by hitting 50, building up some PA and plat. Well, we got to level 45 after about a week when I talked to somebody about wishing I had access to my maxed crafters and gatherers on the Guardian side when I learned that, in fact, I DO have access to all of that. Defiants and Guardians can trade. They can group together in IAs, and soon will be basically one group of people as it relates to the next expansion. I don't even know what IS possible now, but I essentially know that whether or not it's already the case Defiants and Guardians can/will be able to be in the same guild, do raids together, PvP on the same sides, etc.etc.

    This post is not a call-out for all of their similarities and the things that they can share/do together to be revealed to me, although this information would be helpful.... but this post IS a suggestion to somehow create an interface for returning players to see the most prominent changes to REALLY BIG DETAILS like that.

    There is a community of players who do not come onto the Rift Forums, do not read gaming news, do not go out searching for the most recent big patch notes, etc. when making the choice to come back to the game. When I first played this game at release, and for a while around 1.3 to 1.5, and again this past Summer, the Defiant and Guardians were so incredibly separate like ever before. I received a bajillion emails and notifications about Storm Legion, and realized that I've always enjoyed Rift and never left because I wanted to... I just came back and started playing. There are a LOT of people who will do the same thing over the next month as they learn about the awesomeness of this expansion.

    My suggestion:

    Feature something on your website - feature something in the re-subscription section of the account management system. Send an email when somebody re-subscribes - SOMETHING! Explain how the community is a LOT LESS faction-exclusive. Explain the mentoring system, and how basically all of these changes have created an even more social environment for the game we've all come to love and play.

    It may not seem like a big deal, but I did a lot of dragging my boyfriend around through the game at a break-neck pace while he was AFK or doing homework, and a lot of the time he was playing, just to get some characters built up that we essentially threw in the garbage because we'd obviously much prefer to play the very developed characters. When I learned this information, my heart kinda sunk a bit. I was elated to learn that I could just play my Guardians and play with every friend who's gone to Defiant in my absence. But really, I wasted a week of time I could have spent on grinding PAs on my Guardian warrior, which btw is much more fun than going 1-50. I did have fun, and so did my boyfriend, during that week.... but it was all a waste. Sure, I got 90 plat out of the deal to send over to my Guardian, but whoopity-doo.

    I don't mean to sound overly negative. The scope of this post is, generally, to suggest something that would be highly positive. You don't need to email an ENTIRE changelog to re-subscribers since their last subscription date... but maybe let them know the game is so very, very different from most-recent memory.

    Thanks for reading!
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    I like it, but the changes are always there in your patcher/launcher. You may have to read back a few patch note to find everything that's changed - and this I think is what you missed out on - am I right?

    I could see something on the main "choose your faction" screen when you build a new character. Something like "though they have different beliefs, Defiant and Guardian have come together to battle the increasing pressures from their planar foes ((and then an OOC bit for more details))

    I think this information IS on their website, but again, you have to look past the new patch to the one before it.

    Not sure where on the Character selection screen something like this could be displayed, but for sure on the character creation screens.

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