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Thread: Another Conquest Suggestion

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    Default Another Conquest Suggestion

    Make it so people who join Conquest at the final 5min countdown don't get any reward. There's a minority that actually join by then because of the queue but he great majority seems to do like they do with zone event, they wait for some to do all the work and then go tag the boss. Saying that individual A or B don't have to join a boring content isn't even a good reason for that, because we have many other that join CQ from the start and actually try to win only to end up getting the same reward as someone who spent the entire match outside asking on /6 for info on how long 'til the CQ match ends.

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    Good point there! I see it all the time on my realm.

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    Then there are those of us eagerly waiting to click to join, insta-click, but can't get in until after the Favor hogs are done feeding (apparently they no longer need the Marks). Rank favoritism and now you want to deny all access to any kind of reward?

    Fine with me IF all rewards desired by PvE characters are accessible through other means. Then I won't have to put up with the perverted bullying behaviors exhibited. You guys will remain free to cheap shot each other until there are too few of you to go on.

    The endless favoritism granted to this relatively small group of pvp players does little more than promote continuation of cheap shot bullying by the devs, regardless of what they may claim their intent is.

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