Three suggestions related to instances/dungeons.

(1) Ability to leave an instance after leaving the instance group
There are players with PCs that take a lot of time just to zone in. Such players may want to leave the group first, then the instance. But doing so will force the player to wait for 60 seconds, and some may want to make it a bit faster.

(2) A choice to leave or stay after everyone else left
A patient player who stayed to the last while other players left the group in the middle of an instance should not be punished for doing so. Currently such a player is removed from the instance group and forced to be ported out. S/he should be able to remain in the instance group and queue to continue on.

(3) Downgrade-able Mark of Ascensions
I do not agree with them being upgrade-able, but I do not think there is a serious issue if they are downgrade-able. Currently some of my toons got 1 or 2 leftover IMoA which I have no intention to use, which happened due to the Cache Finder perk, and I would rather exchange them to GMoA.
This is not just for the current ones; the same policy being applied to future marks would be useful to some players who don't raid much.

Thank you.