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Thread: Raid linking of achievements suggestion (alt-swaps)

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    Default Raid linking of achievements suggestion (alt-swaps)

    I see a lot of raids (especially nowadays) where people are asking to link achievements for runs such as RoTP, HK, etc... Lately it has gotten to the point where a person will say his/her main has cleared HK but wants to bring their alt...So they log out then show/prove the achieve, then log back and say invite... I am sure we have all seen this hehe....

    If you go to your Achievement screen (H) and click all characters, you can actually see the ones your main has completed (like if they are 11/11HK or HK conqueror) however you cannot link that actual achievement to that person...It is highlighted in purple as completed but when linked only still links the progression of the toon you are currently on.

    Can you modify this somehow so that an alt can actually link the finished achievement from their main?

    I think it will save time and be helpful when setting up raids... Thanks.

    Also, thoughts?

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    someone brought this up in a livestream, i think the mage reveal

    they said it was an interesting idea

    so they definitely know people want it, whether or not theyre working on it though, no one but trion knows

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    I usually just link a piece of gear that comes from the dungeon or higher dungeon and usually get in. I think it's stupid to require achievments for the fact of alts not having the achievments.

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