Some people really want Notoriety that is completed on their mains to go to their alts. I know it'd be really convenient for myself sometimes.

I've seen some people say that it ruins the experience if notoriety carries over (e.g. "I want to/you should need to grind the whole deal if you're making a new character").

Here is what I propose:

If you're maxed on a notoriety, you can purchase BoA items from the relevant quartermaster that, when used, increase your notoriety by some amount. For example, I'm maxed on Dragonslayer Covenant on my main and I want to be maxed on my alt, so I go to Wyrmbane, purchase a BoA consumable and send it to my alt. My alt uses it and goes up 10k notoriety from Friendly to Decorated.

Consumable price could be something like 1plat for 10k notoriety, or 10gold for 1k notoriety. Reason I'm suggesting so low on price is because of how quickly costs could add up if you start trying to max more than one notoriety on the same character.