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Thread: Alternative way to get event rewards

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    Default Alternative way to get event rewards

    Having missed several big events, I sometimes get a case of sadface when I see someone with a pet or a mount or something else that is now close to impossible to get again. Somewhere I've read a Dev say that some items and other things will be available again somehow, but I am sure that there are some things, that could be literally gone for good.
    This is an issue with many MMO's out today. If you join late, there are some cool things you can never get again.

    How about you allow people who have been a loyal subscriber for a certain amount of time to buy event mounts/pets/items from the Veteran Reward Vendor. (I know you can buy certain pets and mounts there already, but I am talking about OLD event items/pets/mounts). Whether the requirement is 12 or 24 or 36 months, the number isn't that important. For people who just HAVE to have every pet or mount or that particular vanity item they missed, it is important that they see they have some way to get it, even if they join the game late.

    I am thinking, sell the items for the currently highest currency available, like Inscribed Sourcestone now or maybe some other currency in Storm Legion, and make the numbers high so that you have to work a bit to get the items. That means it won't trivialise claiming them. If people really want the item, they will work to earn it.
    Important thing is that old event items will be available, even for new players.

    This idea doesn't mean that old items can't be available in recurring events, such as many are already. They can perhaps just be bought in two ways: With the event currency, which would perhaps be easier and cheaper than at the Veteran Reward Vendor, who offers the items only to loyal longtime subscribers at an increased cost.

    What do you think?

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    They have already begun recycling rewards from past events. In this world event, the Death-themed pets and the Death auras are from the first world event. They did say they would be working old rewards into the game, and as much as Trion recycles, I think you are bound to see most, if not all, rewards from previous world events sooner or later.

    I pray this includes GRITTY KITTY! :-D
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