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Thread: Deeper Crafting System

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    Default Deeper Crafting System

    Crafting is one of my favorite things in any video game, online or off. I love making anything from swords and daggers to potions and elixers, or even guns, robes, staffs, or something more unique, like furniture, or entire buildings. Most MMO's unfortunately don't go too deep into crafting, but I'd like to point out that I know for a fact Trion has listed crafting as a point of interest in terms of improvement in the recent past, as recent as late spring this year and even bits of it strewn throughout the summer.

    Basically, make crafting more deep. It doesn't have to copy any other game, but it has to have more depth, making it seem worth while to most people, but with a unique twist that makes it more broad.

    With dimensions, I can easily see the addition of some sort of furniture profession, but we'll have to see about that (they might just have us steal copies of stuff from around the world and nothing else).

    While furniture is a possibility, so too could be anything from a florist to make bouqet's for people's homes, to a tailor (for wardrobe purposes and vanity items only), siege weapons, or perhaps some other sort of tradeskill profession that breaks away from just making things and does something a little different...what that may be I don't know...?

    They have however in an interview that it's possible we may see our own personal merchant NPC's selling goods in dimensions, but no concrete evidence to back up what that would entail.

    Any suggestions on how crafting could become deeper with the advent of dimensions and a larger world are more than welcome to post their ideas.
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