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Thread: Keeping it interesting...

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    Default Keeping it interesting...

    I don't know if Iím the only one here but it seems to me that once your character is raid geared that the only challenge from doing expert dungeon, master modes and low end raids is to see how quick you can get it done. Running instances is getting to seems like more of a chore than entertainment. It seems like most bosses you out dps any mechanics so you just face roll every encounter.

    Wouldn't it be a great idea to put some sort of ďhard modeĒ set of mechanics into every boss fight to keep it challenging and accommodate raid gear players?

    For example... You could have it trigger from straight high dps where the boss reaches 75% in so many seconds and gets some sort of enrage buff that massively reduces all incoming damage (effectively increasing his health) and introduces a series of new mechanics that hit a lot harder and can't be ignored.

    Better loot might be nice too.

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    Yeah. Trion did think of that --> Master Mode. offcourse Master Mode are easy now as well, but they are above the expert version.
    There were more dungeons on paper for Master Mode, though they were not released.

    The thing is: Eventually we willl overgear them as well ;)
    Part of the story really

    hardmodes for the bosses are a nice idea. Offcourse the did start with those in Infernal Dawn.
    Thing is: to add this kind of stuff to already existing bosses in dungeons, with the Xpack on the horizon --> dont think it would be the way to go. Focus on the Xpack, and then maybe later on they can add it to the Xpack dungeons
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