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Thread: Auctioneers in EVERY city

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    Default Auctioneers in EVERY city

    I think it would help the game a lot if there where auctioneers in every city. One of the main selling points for people on the trail version is using the auction house to sell. If more of them look at the auction house, this would encourage more of them to purchase the game as they would get a taste of everything that is out there, and that there is too do.
    This would also be great for everyone else as they can buy and sell without porting back to the main city every time. And let's admit it, the auction house does have an addictive quality to it.

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    i think something like this should be introduced in SL to reduce lag in the main city(s) by letting people choose different places with the same amenities

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    Yes please put a auction house in ark of the ascended

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    Only 2 cities in whole of Mathosia -> Meridian and Sactum. rest cant be called cities imo :P

    But indeed hopefully in SL there will be somewhat more places then only the main cities
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    Default plz Rift...rule the AH !! (fix a cooldown on players entering the AH)

    If some products in this game are easy gold making in the AH, well, i believe because of the human

    factor, the virus(AH addiction) will spread here also.By fixing a cooldown on an account or ip address,

    the player would not be able to use many toons to bypass the rule. Just a suggestion to help new players ..

    Why?? Simple, because it would prevent some players to take control of the AH ! The disease is widely

    spread in WOW(glyph auctions) (almost on each server). I know it because i've been on about a dozen

    of them and the same pattern showed every time.I've read some posts here about the AH and some

    were admitting that the AH is addictive...i'm not blaming them...it's part of the game,but we all must

    agree that the name of the game is Rift, and not, AH-Rift ! (including for myself)

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