The veil has been lifted for at least the basics with cross-faction communication and camaraderie, which is fantastic and a major step in the right direction. Unfortunately there are some issues with this, namely with Instant Adventure.

I was in Gloamwood as a Guardian and we had a Defiant in our group. The IA mission was to finish the zone event, which had goals placed directly in Gloamwood Pines. Now while there may be ways to work around the guards or do bits of it on the "outskirts" so to speak, or by sheer force and killing guards in your path, it detracts from the enjoyment of the IA when our defiant friend keeps getting ganked by every guard re-spawning from constant werewolf/death rift attacks. It was a real mess overall, and I know that if it was me as a guardian in a defiant town I would be as frustrated as he was throughout the ordeal. He must've died and died again so many times we lost count and there was nothing we could do but heal him and tell him to run his Defiant tush out of town.

My suggestion is one that could be dealt with a number of ways; one way would be to let Defiants or Guardians into any town/city where an IA adventure is, regardless of faction and regardless of the goal of the IA, but only if the said player visiting the opposing faction town is in the IA group, if they leave the group their fair game.

Another suggestion, which is my preferred path but one that might take a bit more work and is unfortunately probably less likely, , is to completely lift the veil the rest of the way and not just let us do all we can already, but also visit all opposing towns, cities, merchants, and even do all of each factions quests, as to open up a slew of achievements we can all achieve. Of course, you can still leave PvP for those who want it, but with the veil lifted, it makes more sense at this point to make each faction more accessible to each other as to make it an even more enjoyable experience. This also helps with the IA problem originally mentioned. But in itself, visiting Meridian as a Guardian or Sanctum as a Defiant would be a cool experience (without getting killed on site).

Lastly, maybe we could have some sort of task, mission, or something that we need to do in order to be accepted by the opposing faction, thus allowing people who want to be accepted by both can do so, but ones who don't can stay hated for PvP purposed or what not.

In any case, make IA easier and more fun when visiting an opposing faction area.