There's an area in droughtlands around some black pools, lots of ghosts, and enskarus(?). It's an absolutely horrible place.

I'm in the process of leveling my fourth toon and I knew there was some reason I didn't want to do these quests, but couldn't recall why. So I went ahead and attempting them on this fourth toon. Big mistake!

I wandered around trying to find the freaking objectives for a good two hours of real life time that I wish I could have back. Non stop aggro. Objectives hidden. No route to the objectives despite thorough searching. Ugh! PITA. I just deleted all the quests and good riddance.

Now with this fourth toon at 40 and done soon, I'll never need to level again. But if you expect new players from the release of the first expansion, this is a place that could use a complete overhaul.