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Thread: Right-handed and left-handed characters

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    Default Right-handed and left-handed characters

    Dear lovely Trion
    with the new things coming with SL please give us option to choose if our characters are Right-handed or Left-handed , i know its not much of add to the game but im sure aome ppl would love see warrior using 2H weapons by left hand or rogue carry his gun by left hand especially left-handed ppl like me
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    its a huge deal to add something like this to the game

    they would have to redo almost all animations, casting, 2H, 1H + Shield, dual wield, then of course staff/mace/axe/sword/dagger etc all have different animations

    its really unlikely trion would do this, also, while i wont report you, petition threads (asking for votes) are against forum rules, your thread may be locked

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    I don't think it would require too much work on animations. They ought to be able to just reverse the existing ones. Highly doubt they've put much consideration into it, though.

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