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Thread: Tons of Suggetions for Rift before patch 2.0

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    Default Tons of Suggetions for Rift before patch 2.0

    Hi, my friend Samfortal asked me to create a topic to him, since he cant write in Rift's Forum right now.
    His profile is http://forums.riftgame.com/members/samfortal.html and he is accepting private messages. This is his words:

    Hi, I have acumulated tons of suggestion. Every patch i contribute with tons of that because i really enjoy rift and i want to improve Rift. Some are very easy to put, others are more hard and take some time, so we cant hope to put it fast but, i respect all opinions and i wish u enjoy these suggestions too. lest go:
    (PVE) Improve Ascendend powers skill, giving them a system and letting it much more similar to Plannar Atunemment or Skyrin. A new window to controll it is opened after lvl 10. U can buy new ascendend skills and new levels using planarite. This will boost a lot rifts demand!!! New incentive at lvl 10 and above.
    It is will detailed at the end of this topic. new systems, mainly like this one with lot of personalization, gives a boost of motivation to players.
    (PVE) Improve Achievement system, putting it like Event quests similar to rift invasions at cap level and after do something, like a system prize. The achivment showed is to easiest to hardest achievment in that map. So Trion will need to rank all the achievments in the game. This can be done very easy ranking quests only by dificulty (very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard) and by distance. Frist showed is the very easy, the closer to the further. This could be called Challenge System, which is do all objectives in game. Wow really intense. Again, the player should do something to open this windows at lvl cap. The permission to do this system ends every day and the player could open again, like a big a never repetitive daily event.
    (PVE) Increase Sanctum City. Guardian's capital is too little or better, change the teleport to another place in city. There are something really wrong there. always overcrow and giving lot of lag. We are at patch 1.10 and this problem is since the begin. The players definitely are going where no need, and overcrowing on that place, giving lag. Few ways, tons of npcs...
    (PVE) The Future Housing System should be immersive and not only for decorating proposes to be sucess. I create a topic few time ago with some suggestions to make it really immersive. Some ideas are wrong, but in this topic, you can get a understanding about what im talking about. http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...ml#post3819887
    (PVE) Put new exclusive pets, mounts and rewards only for who get 2k achievment points, 5k, 8k, 10k, 12k, 14k, 15k, 16k, 17k etc. This will incentive some players to do achivments to. Without incentives, why the player will do that?

    (UI) There is no doubt Rift and gw2 have the same gear customization but in gw2 u can storage the dye, which is a colossus feature. Rift should have one too!
    (UI) Let to see Money and organization button on Bag bar in some bag's window bag too. Bag bar is unecessary and ocupy space in window.
    (UI) Put an option to personalize player portrait and bar. Another important design is to split hp and mana, each with its side with player portrain btw, to put above and in midle the skills and be harmony with all.
    (UI) Put the cross server auction house. It is a sucess in some games and can solve the cheat of some players doing economy changing the server. Dont charge money to players who want to do it.
    (UI) Put a simple dating system, just to help players to know in real life. this will increase game's sociability and a lot of other things around that. More fun too.
    (UI) Increase bag slots. Bag Ui change again.
    (UI) Some windows in Rift have a lot of personality and others doesnt. One good exemple is Soul tree window (N key). The bad exemples i think is Abilities Window (p key), PVP window (k key), Guild window and Instant Adventure windows. They should have a better background and more details to make it more full or personality to see and enjoy, like Abilities windows are.
    (UI) Let us to see all instant adventure in any place and any level above. Of course, after join, we need to enter in mentor, but i dont understand why i only see randon, if there are a lot of IA in the game. Trion is hidding its stuff.
    (UI) This is from gw2 again. Put a table in Auction house showing your itens more valuable in AH. Itens in bank should be showed too.

    (PVP) Fix the Stillmor conquest, make it more pvp and better built. Less extractors (maybe 12 or less) could make a miracle and save it.
    (PVP) Put a new conquest in Iron Pine Peak, with 3 new and colossus rifts to factions destroy and gain one point. After the match, a last colossus will show up in center to faction winner gain more rewards.
    (PVP) Put PVP Ranks to open at lvl 20. This will incentive a lot pvp players at lower levels. Of Course, the prestige gained will be reduced according to lvl to: 10%(lvls 20~29), 20%(lvls 30~39), 30%(lvls 40~49). New incentive at lvl 20.
    (PVP) Let the players in same faction to do pvp without duel mode. One idea is an iten to camufle his faction and let it to do pvp with anyone, Or a single buff.
    (PVP) New Arena pvp(New kind of warfront): 4 vrs 4. The match finishes after each player die 5 times.
    (PVP) Put a statistic table in conquests. Whe wanna know how much kills and dies we did there too. And maybe each faction did, like each warfront have.
    (PVP) FIx the pvp bugs http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...ml#post3864739

    Out game improvements:
    (Mobile App) Continue developing app mobile. It have a lot of potential that Trion havent idea. Put the Rift blog's news inside it too. The tips showed in every place change is a good option too.
    (Site) The site design is very uggly now. What happens Trion?
    (Fórum) Create a Comission of Creativity, a group of players (1/3 elected by trion, 2/3 by forum) that in group can send weekly 3 suggestions direct to developers and receive response from them about it. They will be automaticaly elected by forum points and the points are reseted every week too. The suggestions can be about anything in game, but about class skill or soul, just to never create class' unbalance pressure to devs.

    New Ascendend Power System Skill tree
    Only one skill per category can be choosen. Each rank costs planarite, decrease cooldown or in sometimes increase the efect or time efect. To reset the points, it request planarite too.
    This system will allow each char be more unique with this and incentive to enjoy more rifts in Rift, with more skills with owner taste.
    Im not sure if it should be open at lvl 10 or 30.
    Ascendend Ress
    1- Aoe Ress (out of combat): 30m, 28m, 26m, 24m,
    1- Single Ress (Out of combat) 2m, 1m45s, ...
    1- Single Ress (In combat) 20m 18m 16m 14m 12m
    1- Self Ress (in combat): 4h, 3h50, 3h40, 3h30,

    Ascendend Evade (doesnt count in global cooldown)
    2- Jump(4m range + 1sec 15% mov speed) : 15s, 13.5, 12, 10.5, 9, 7.5...
    2- Teleport (break free, 10m range): 30s, 27, 24, 21,
    2- Smoke(1 sec invulnerable): 1m, 55s, 50s, 45s,...
    2- Reflect (2 next attack will reflect): 40s, 36, 32, 28s,
    2- urgent salvation (you enter in trance state, unable to attack and taking damage for 4 seconds and remove all debuff) 80s, 72s, 64s, 56s, 48s...
    Im sure this will be very fun, more intense combats.

    Ascendend heals
    3- Summom Recue Medic(cost 3 charges, already exist): cd 2m, 1m50s, 1m40s
    3- Ascendend Bless: U will not receive penalized next time you ress(passive). 40m
    3- Descount (Your penalized time will be reduced in) 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%

    War Ascend
    4- Bless wardstone (increase wardstone's hp and def, already exist)
    4- Guardian Bless (Summom a guardian force, already exist)

    War Focus
    5- Increase Inteligence stats in: 2pts, 4pts, 8pts, 15pets...
    5- Increase Dexterity stats in...
    5- Increase Strengh stats in...
    5- Increase Wisdon stats in...

    And the system goes on, not finish here. This is only the idea and Devs shouls personalize to their plans for Rift. I was inspired thinking in skyrim.

    Ty for your feedback. I will try to response later, as soon i can.

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    Hi guys, Im Samfortal and im the real autor of this post. Now i can post again

    I have more suggestions. Some are old from my posts, but continues very funny, so i will repeat.

    (PVE) Put gathering mounts that not dismount while gatherting. I will love mounting in a Mine cart pulled by a duck like donald duck or Goofy LOL. (Disney rules lol, or from RIO or Ice Age movies) Be creative.
    (PVE) Put Mounts with skill like big jump that let the mount jump 20 metters in front. I will love to jump while mounting the Inferno Down's chocobo(already exist) or another ones more accessible. Of course, they cannot jump in warfronts or Conquest. And maybe to avoid all players with the same mount, this skills could be collect and learned by the owner, and not bound to mount. Simple like that.
    (PVE) Put crafted mounts please. This ask is very old.
    (PVE) Let the players to color the mounts, similar like a gear piece.
    (PVE) Change the name of the new Hunt Rift to another. The name seens like Grind Rift to me. Run away from this name, even if it is. Iron Rift, Silver Rift, whatelse is better than that.
    (PVE) Dimmensions are amazinggggggggggg. I think Trion should let the player to determinate to say if that dimmension is a Housing or a Puzzle, and create a little changele to them. The puzles can be maze puzzle, jumping puzzle and maybe a fight Puzzle in the future, like a fight btw the visit and the owner. Amaaaaazing.
    (PVE) Dimmensions again, Trion should elect the 3 more beautifuls housing dimmensions to put in the real map. Of course only few places doesnt have mobs or another important things to care. These dimmensions winners will stand one month in real map and can win some prizes

    (PVP) PVP more balanced seens amazing. Waiting for Trion to finish.

    (UI) Let the players to sell in Auction House scroll of One month in game for each 12 months they have. This will create a very rare market of scrolls, lol. Of course, this will avoid problems with credit card too. Its perfect. Them, if trion liked, the requisite can decrease.

    Sorry my english since i dont speak it well.
    Rift 2.6's - Things I miss a lot in Rift: 1. No lock raids or boss, only lock drops and tokens. 2. I want a button to visit to other servers more easily. 3. Too low FPS yet. Fix Rift Client please. 4. Fair PVP, too much unbalance and crap healing war.
    - Thinks i like most right now: 1. Hailol Footholds 2. Flexible builds 3. Mage tanking comming .

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    I made a incomplete suggestion. The correct is:

    (PVE) Trion should let the player to determinate to say if that dimension is a Housing, Puzzle, or PVP Dimmension and create a little changele to them.
    - The Housing Dimensions are just for decorate and their vote are based in this.
    - The Puzles Dimension can be maze puzzle or jumping puzzle or else, and their vote are based in how much funny it is.
    - The PVP dimensions are like a 1x1 warfront, showing the % of victories and the owner pvp rank. The player can quee for a fight with the owner or choose a randon pvp Dimension to fight. The list of PVP dimensions are showed both in PVP Windows and Dimension Window.

    All dimensions except PVP dimensions should have +1 or -1, but the final score cant be below zero. All dimensions are cross servers .

    The player could choose only one kind of dimension to build. There are too rank of dimensions for the master dimension based in final score (victories + positives votes - negative votes). The number of defeats doesnt count. For each rank of dimension the owner conquest, he will get another dimension slot to buy. The players can have only one PVP Dimension, but they can have a lot of Housing or Puzzle Dimensions.
    Rift 2.6's - Things I miss a lot in Rift: 1. No lock raids or boss, only lock drops and tokens. 2. I want a button to visit to other servers more easily. 3. Too low FPS yet. Fix Rift Client please. 4. Fair PVP, too much unbalance and crap healing war.
    - Thinks i like most right now: 1. Hailol Footholds 2. Flexible builds 3. Mage tanking comming .

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