Telara has all sorts of cool and interesting buildings, structures, puzzles and so forth. My fav example is the werewolf castle in Gloamwood.

However there are a bunch of structures with closed doors that seem more interesting on the inside than outside. Is there some way to finish the insides of these so we can explore more?

I realize coding all this would take time, so maybe with the addition of the new dimension, this can be 'fleshed-out.'

Example, when you click a door or enter a door you get ported to an instance. This might help save time coding cause you could re-use a lot of these dimensions and instances. They can also be added at the Dev's leisure.

Most MMO's let old content languish. This might be a good way to keep people interested in old content and encourage grouping/mentoring instead of the bull-rush to Dusken, etc.