So my idea is that for an upcoming world event the theme should be "Shattered Planes" the idea being that the tethers that connect the elemental planes to Telara have become fragmented and it is up to the Ascended to restore them or face the destruction of Telara. During this event rifts that spawn are a mixture of several elements and even the creatures that spawn are Frankenstein-like. You might have say a treant crossed with a werewolf or a faerie crossed with fire creature. Each phase the world gets a little more twisted and at first the changes are small and except for the occasional odd thing happening (you get a water plane mob in a death rift) it is barely noticeable. By the final phase NPC's are randomly turning into firespawn, rifts take on the characteristics of all the various planes, cats begin raining from the sky you get the idea.

Somewhere along the line you could go as far as to find out that a new plane based on chaos is behind it all and the final act of the event is to have the ascended cross into this plane and restore order to Telara perhaps by killing a planar boss. The new plane could be a nice permanent addition and maybe the idea of an instanced rift that takes those who enter to a different realm to kill a planar boss and close it could become a new direction. Anyway this is my first time posting but I have plenty of ideas... though by the looks of the forums it doesn't seem like ideas are in short supply. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!