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Thread: Xeno's Quality of Life Utility Items

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    Default Xeno's Quality of Life Utility Items

    Xeno's quality of life wish list.

    Just a note, this is a personal wish list, and by no means examplifies anyone elses desires of things they wish to see or not see to improve their quality of life in game. By quality of life changes, I mean things that personally make the game less of a headache in certain areas unrelated to class balance, loot, raid difficulty, etc. Just gaming UTILITY that makes the game more user and population friendly. What kind of quality of life utility items would you like to see in the game? Here is just a small list of mine. I'd really like to hear yours.

    Quality of Life Utility Changes:

    Advanced raid finding tool:
    -The raid finder tab is a more specific tool and creates ease for finding raids be they low level or needing of specific spots for high level raids.
    -(for those that played aion, the raid finder tab is similar to that of the LFG when hitting shift+V. Listing out the raids in a specific location helps ease the flow on LFG spams for LFM RaidA and LFG RaidA by keeping all of them posted in a public space)
    -the specific raiding finder tool can be used for things other than a particular raid.Examples may be forming raids for crafting or pvp rifts yet allowing you to have a post that peeps can use to join with.
    -The entire purpose of this tab is to cut down on the LFG spamming, and have a more reliable way to search for members instead of hoping they had lvl 50 chat on and the message didnt fly off their screen into oblivion.
    -Example Picture (from aion, but will closely mimic its utility)

    New raiding lockout system:
    -The new raid lockout system locks players to a boss ID, not a raid ID. Boss ID's allow players to collect loot from bosses only if it is they have not previously killed the boss in that respective reset frame. This is to allow more flexible raid runs and to encourage people to push it with new groups on progression without fear of being locked permanently. This should also help if a fair amount of people missed raid but want a chance to do so with their friends.
    -Raid IDs are still created but no one is locked to them. Entering with the same raid ID will still maintain the progression of that raid if reentered.
    -To prevent selling of spots by nearly fully boss locked raids by creating a new raid ID, a new ID can only be created if 50% of its members have are not locked to any raid ID. The raid finder tool will let you know what proportion of your raid is locked to the raid of interest to assist in group formation. Otherwise entering will enter with the raid ID of the current raid lead.

    Boss lock policy:
    -All old raiding tier boss locks expire after three days.
    -R4 raids being the latest available raids will not have boss locks available during the raiding competative season for a new release raid (amount of time to be determined). Boss locking will be available after that time.
    -raid IDs will still last a full week no matter what tier however to allow guilds that are putting in earnest progression even at lower tier raids a full chance to do so.
    -raid IDs can be reset however after the same respective time as the boss locks if so desired, otherwise they reset wednesdays as usual.
    -To check your boss locks, check the lock page on your charactor window, click on the raid, and check out the locks for each boss and when they will clear.

    New Role Banking system:
    -Role slots will only be increased by three upon the release of storm legion, allowing the number of roles carried at any time to equal nine, to equal the number of souls available to each player.
    -A new custom role saver is now available in the window that shows the role templates. This will appear as a new tab asside from the prefabricated roles available to new players (which will be increased).
    -the role saver allows you to save up to 25 different roles and UI setups.
    -the above roles can only be traided out amongst your available 9 roles at a soul trainer.
    -roles can be saved into a custom role slot at anytime.
    -custom roles will have a spot for a role name as well as a space for descriptive text or guides.
    -role banks and UI set-ups can be traded amongst players. Open the trade tab and then click the new tab that allows you to drag over custom roles just like any other item. You must have room for a trade just like anything else.

    Craft Saver Tab:
    -Now at your personal bank you have a new bank just for crafting items. This large bag is huge at about 100 slots. Other pages can be aquired by achieving master status in a craft up to 5 pages total.
    -ONLY items involved directly in crafting can be saved here.
    -This bank space is account wide so all crafting items can be shared amongst charactors with a single account. Pages earned by any charactor will count towards the total pages available again at a maximum of 5 currently per account.
    -the craft saver tab can also store non-equipable related crafting products, such as refined materials, dyes, catalysts, npc crafting items, and more.

    Costume Saver Tab:
    -Purely cosmetic costume items can now be saved in a 100 slot costume bag at your bank. Pages can be increased by various means in game.
    -Only items labelled as costume items can be put in this bag.
    -Regular items can be changed into costume items if desired at the new fashion NPC for a fee. Items can only be reverted back to normal items with the same lockout times as buyback items.
    -Costume slots work in a similar vein to the new role slot changes. 20 slots are available to store specific sets in your bank but you can only hold 5 on your person at any given time. Names can be applied to your custom costume settups.

    Vanity Saver Tab:
    -all other vanity items such as snowmen, planar particle glowers, campfires, and other things can be stored in this 100 slot tab. Other pages will be accessible via in game methods.

    Dimension Saver Tab:
    -all dimension items can be saved with this 100 slot tab. Other pages will be accessible via in game methods.

    *Craft saver, costume saver, dimension saver and vanity saver tabs are shared amongst all charactors in an account.

    *with all these new options for long term banking storage, only new kinds of bags will be made rather than more bag space. Bag sizes can be created, found, or earned up to 40 space bag (of course the highest space being the most difficult to aquire)

    Auto-mentor Option:
    -tired of setting mentor levels manually? with this option on (available via option tabs), all areas in the game that allows mentoring will be automatic, creating an unbroken, challenging, and reward appropriate experience no matter where you choose to go in game.
    -If you enter a zone, the level required for that zones IAs will automatically be aquired. If an IA is not available for a particular zone, it will be set as if there was one.
    -If you enter a normal dungeon, the level required for that dungeon will automatically be aquired.
    -these levels work in both direction. For example if you enter gloamwood your leve will automatically be 23. If your port back to stilmore your level will automatically be level 50.
    -Your health will adjust based on percentage available, not raw numbers. Example: if you leave gloamwood with 50% max health to ember isle, you will then have 50% of your max health at a level 50% adjustment available. In otherwords, the health bar shouldn't move even though the numbers may change. The same will apply to pets summoned at that time.

    Again, I want to emphasise this is a utility quality of life list. There are many changes I'd love to make about the game concerning pvp, pve, balance, etc, but I wonder how much thought peeps put towards the actual user friendlyness of the utility software in the game.

    Also, would love to hear your ideas. Thanks for reading!


    PS: Clearly I'm not working too hard today ><
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    Edit: Totally forgot to put an ingame raiding calendar, with phone app and guild page cooperation.
    http://www.fractureguild.enjin.com/ | twitch.tv/xenohartgaming
    4/4 TDQ | 4/4 FT | 5/5 EE | 4/4 GA | 3/3 IG | 4/5 PB | 2/4 BOB 4/4 minis
    I just make it look easy sometimes. ~Daglar

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