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Thread: Suggestion: Same Soul slots but more!

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    Default Suggestion: Same Soul slots but more!

    With the upcoming expansion looming along with these new souls we are all going to be screaming for more slots than we currently have at the moment.

    My suggestion is simple and I'm sorry if someone has posted this before but I wasn't able to scan through every single post before posting.

    Instead of having 50 different soul spots, we could keep six main souls but then expand the six to contain three more but the main soul would remain the same .

    So for example as if i ms bard i have three different builds for specific fights. So mine might look like

    Slot 1 - Main soul Bard
    Then have three slots to contain the variant. ie, Blink bard, Heal Bard, Interupt Bard

    So in the first soul slot i now have three different builds for the same main soul. Which still leaves the five other slots open to be used for different things too. And this will apply to all souls.

    I know this limits to six main souls to be used with a variation. But it does give more room to play with. It can mean archons have different special specs stored. Different variations of the same main build for different fights to be stored in the same soul that way we don't eat up all our slots for two fights in one instance.

    I hope i do make some sort of sense. and if i was any good with pictures id draw or make a better diagram to explain
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    So you could have 6-specs with all of those 6 having 3variations.
    in total 18 specs

    I think you want a bit much. great idea though as long as your Prime-Soul is leading for the variations. So I would have 3 specs with Ranger as main, or 3 with bard, or 3 with MM, 3 with Sab. but with this I quess you can also see the problem: no chooses, you can have about all variations possible

    personally would like it very much, but I think we will get our 7th and maybe 8th role
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    Yeah exactly.

    The main reasoning behind this was some of us often get stuck with having to reset specs for that specfic sheeping/gimp/support spec needed in our progression along with our pvp, pve soloing. Personally I'd love one or two more but there's been no mention of it yet in the reveal videos!

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    As much as I'd love to have another slot for a 3rd Bard build, there are other things I'd like to have as well. And here comes the limits with this. Bard is easy, it's a pretty defined role, with not so many options. But let's look at the other roles I'd have.

    At the moment I have:
    1 - Bard
    2 - Bard
    3 - Tank
    4 - Ranger
    5 - PvP WF
    6 - PvP CQ

    What I wish I had at the moment:
    1 - Bard
    2 - Bard
    3 - Bard for PvP
    4 - Tank
    5 - Ranger
    6 - Melee DPS
    7 - PvP WF
    8 - PvP CQ
    9 - Free to test

    So yes, 1-3 I could be put under one if it worked this way. But the rest then I'd have to consider where to put and how to build them. Which would give me limitations I don't really want. I know for sure that I would never use Ranger for PvP for example, so that one is gone poof already. I mean I'm fine with limitations, we should have that, so in that way 18 builds sound a bit too heavy, but I don't want to be given the "freedom" by having more specs available, but I'd be limited to what souls to use them on. So in the end, instead of giving us 6 roles with the total of 18 variations, I'd rather see they gave us a few more role slots with no limits to how we'd have to use them.

    But I have my hopes that they will give us a couple more role slots soon anyway

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    There isn't a lot of technical difference between what you're suggesting and just giving us 18 role slots, except your suggestion is less flexible. I still would need most of my macros and a few keybinds to differ between the different variations of a spec because of what you get from the other souls, not to mention specs like 30 chloro/30 warlock/6 pyro, what's the primary soul there ;)

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