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Thread: PvP has become a constant struggle.

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    Default PvP has become a constant struggle.

    Give everyone in warfronts assist or able to use markers + re-arrange the raid

    Well let me explain why, I like to do the PvP daily for warfronts everyday - I have started to find it slightly irritating.
    I am on Icewatch (EU) and on the EU servers everyone is speaking, french, english, german, greek and a whole range of languages since everything is cross-server, Its incredibly hard to communicate with other people because they have no clue what you are saying. I love the new markers that you have implemented but the only way you can use these is by becoming an assistant or raid leader, 8/10 someone is foreign or a non-english speaker and they can't understand 'assist pls' or something along those lines, this usually ends in a loss. If you cannot give every single person assist atleast the first 5 people.
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    Usually the leaders who are not promoting people are either from german or french servers

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