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Thread: New race new class, summon spell

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    Default New race new class, summon spell

    It would be nice to have a non human race and a new class. I love rift but i think its holding back this game a little.
    A summon spell would be nice for raids and dungeons so people don't need to take forever to get to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elegra View Post
    It would be nice to have a non human race and a new class. I love rift but i think its holding back this game a little.
    A summon spell would be nice for raids and dungeons so people don't need to take forever to get to you.
    I'd like to see some new races, particularly something fairly new and different. Centaurs, fae, etcetera.

    As far as your second thing goes, we do have Summon Guild Rally Banner, and Tier 3 PA brings a few more types of summons, but nothing as straightforward as "Summon group here".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elegra View Post
    It would be nice to have a non human race and a new class. I love rift but i think its holding back this game a little.
    A summon spell would be nice for raids and dungeons so people don't need to take forever to get to you.
    I personally would love to see: New Calling: The Illusionist

    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post
    What I want to achieve is to access the world of the Stage Magician or Stage Illusionist through the means of MMO. This is why the Illusionist is created after the image of Magicians like Criss Angel , Dan and Dave and others, trying to copy their spells.

    To fit into the Rift system I improved the existing Talent-Trees and increased them to a total of eight.


    The art of illusions is a secret one, just like the art of sorcery. Secretly the Illusionists were studying and practising to reach perfection.

    They did not only learn to master the elements, but to manipulate time and space and create Illusions which then beacame reality, as illusiveness and reality are one; yet two different sides of the whole.

    They kept their actions secretly and traveled through the countries of Telara, performing their Illusions in front of an excited audience.

    It always happened the same way. Before the show started, the Illusionist was shaking the hand of each member of the audience. This was not just a polite greeting: it caused the transfer of Tetrodoxin from the Illusionist into the audience, which ensnares the senses and creates Illusions in the audience‘s mind, so real they could not tell the difference. Without the necessity of the effort, this made the process of mass hypnosis and manipulation for the Illusionist easier to handle.

    The show always started with standard tricks like card tricks, linked and unlinked rings and floating items like the dancing cane.
    The climax of the excitement was reached when someone from the audience was asked onto the stage.
    This volunteer then was brought to death in a most brutal manner before the audience‘s staring eyes: He or she was burned or cut into pieces just to be „resurrected“ one moment later, seeming completely unharmed. (see: Movie „The Wizard of Gore“)

    The audience was completely excited every time. None of them had the slightest idea, what really was happening during these shows: They believed the Magicians were very skillful non-magical tricksters. It was a best kept secret that it was real magic being practiced on stage, and it was real dying.

    The Illusionists never stayed in one place too long. They were constantly fleeing the perils they knew were lurking in the shadows. Despite the combined efforts of warriors, rogues, mages and clerics, those shadows grew and horrors nonethelike were brought to life.
    So the Illusionists decided no longer to stand and watch, but to face the peril and fight back, as every hand was needed.

    Their vagrant way of living caused the Illusionists to get under the influence of Guardians and Defiants. Some Illusionists immersed themselves into the Guardian philosophy, others began to follow the Defiants‘ ways. Both groups began to argue, and the conflicts culminated into fights. In the end the community of the Illusionists broke up into two different groups: one to follow the Guardian ways, the other to follow the Defiants ways. Both started to fight evil in a time which is long gone but has not begun yet.

    The Class in Summary

    The Illusionist‘s appearance shows the powerful magician, just like a Criss Angel or a Dai Vernon , who are known for their special, like „magic“ appearance.

    And ultimately, it´s Illusions (Card-Production, Linking-Rings, etc...) he is „performing“ and fighting with.

    Like the typical spell caster, the Illusionist is based on Mana. To some extent playing an Illusionist is similar to playing a Magician.

    He is allowed to wear leather armor. The values for Vitality and Armor resemble the mid-range between the Mage and Rogue armor.
    He can use spellbooks, playing cards, linking rings or canes as a one-handed weapon.
    Runes, symbols oder stones of force as a power source would also fit.
    These One-Hand-Weapons however are not used in Battles, but only to increase their Attributes.

    The most important attributes are:
    Intelligence (raises spellpower and critical hit vaue) and
    Wisdom (raises spellpower and Mana-regeneration).

    As opposed to Mages and Clerics, who either prefer Intelligence or Wisdom, those values are quite even and ballanced for the Illusionist.
    His Mana-regeneration sits in between the ones of Mages and Clerics.
    The global Cooldown of his spells is 1 second, but his spell damage is slightly lower than the of a Mage.

    Why Cards, Rings, Canes and such like?

    Quite simple. Throughout the constant use of these items (regardless to rehearse new Art-Pices or to practise and upgrade of older Magic-Tricks; sometimes only to kill time or to distract and relaxe with it´s help) the Illusionist by time became very familiar with them and the use of it turned into a habit. He is used to them, and they make him feel comfortable. In critical situations they make him feel stronger and more self-confident.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post

    Arcane Cards
    Angela Funovits - Arcane Style - Ellusionist.com
    Magician Angela Funovits Card Manipulation
    Amazing Magic Tricks All In ONE
    SHADE – Card Manipulation
    Return - Ellusionist Kent
    eXtreme Card Manipulation by Mark Bautista


    Because of his playful ways to handle the Cards in combat, the Illusionist is often laughed at. But underestimating him can be a fatal error. The Illusionist‘s attacks are strong, and he knows how to defend himself very efficiently.
    To do so, the Illusionists unses the Cards on his Arcane Deck, which he charges with arcane energy. So he can inflict deathly penalty on his opponent.
    With his right hand he produces single cards out of thin air and throws them onto his opponent. In addition to that, he has a chance of producing an additional card with his left hand. Aside from that the Illusionist produces Card fans and Split fans. All this creates variety and dynamics in his rotation, and his attacks resemble his stage shows.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post


    In this soul the Illusionist concentrates on using his rings and the linking and unlinking of them. With his hands he focuses electricity and currents of energy which he forms into rings consisting of pure energy. These can be thrown at the opponent, causing air damage.
    For each single ring cast onto the opponent, the Illusionist gains the effect „Electric Charge“. By spending his Electric Charge, the Illusionist finally develops the ability to dash chains of rings onto his opponent, who cause additional damage to nearby opponents.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post

    Also as known as The Alchimist.


    This type of the Illusionist is commonly addressed as an Alchimist. Roundabout, playing an Alchimist Illusionist feels similar to playing a Warlock or a Warlock/Pyromancer-Combination.
    What is more, he possesses some very interesting additions and skills, „Chamaeleon“ for example, which makes the Illusionist invisible to his opponents.

    I chose this talent out of two reasons. For one, the talent exists in other MMORPGs and is not only used by Rogues, but also used by Mages, and many other classes. The second reason is: it fits perfectly into the Soul and adds to the other abilities of using poison (of snakes, spiders or scorpions), the transformation into a reptile-like shape and the complete chamaeleon-like invisibility.

    Nobody knows the truth about this invisibility. How does the Illusionist manage to vanish into nothingness? Some assume he doesn‘t really vanish but perfectly adapts to the colour and structure of his surroundings. Some think he doesn‘t even adapt, but creates the effect solely in the opponents‘ brains.
    There is a lot of speculation concerning this issue, but only one is for certain: Those who talk, don‘t know, and those who know, don‘t talk.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post


    This soul specializes the Illusionist in manipulating the four elements wind, water, fire and earth. In his stage shows, the Illusionist freezes water into a solid block or brings it to boil by using nothing more than his willpower.

    A very popular and impressing piece of spell art you can watch here: Sub-Zero

    Most spells of this soul are instant spells, which makes the soul one of the most flexible and quickly adaptable ones. As an additional bonus, the Illusionist receives the effect „Elemental charge“ for some of the spells. „Elemental Charge“ is required for Finishers.
    In this way playing this kind of Illusionist resembles playing a Marksman in some ways.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post
    Ghosts-&- Illusions

    Luna Shimada/Sphere of light
    Zombie Ball
    Zaubertricks: Zombie Kugel Glow - Die Kugel die schwebt und leuchtet
    Losander's Bubble Zombie


    With this Soul the Illusionist is able to summon Illusions which than become reality.

    The basic skills carry a X% chance for the Illusionist to get the effect „Spirit“. If skilled, „Spirit“ can be cumulated up to 4 times (Tier 6: Master of Illusions III)

    Each „Spirit“ allows the Illusionist to create one Illusion which fights for him. There can be up to 4 Illusions at the same time.

    Please note the fact that the Illusionist can not just have as many „Spirits“ as he wants. The rule is as follows:

    Take the maximum number of possible „Spirit-Effects“ and subtract the number of Illusions already summond, and you get the amount of „Spirits“ the Illusionist can get.

    For example, if the Illusionist has already summoned all 4 Illusions, he can not get any „Spirit-Effect“ until at least one of the Illusions disappears.

    The Illusionist can choose between „Zombie-Balls“ or „Profane Symbols“.
    „Zombie Balls“ attack the opponants in melee range. They have more health and armor, but their attacks are slightly weaker than the „Profane-Symbols“, that attack the opponants from distance. As a result, „Profane Symbols“ have less health and armour.

    Unskilled, „Zombie-Balls“ cause 3% of the Illusionists total damage, skilled 4,5%.

    Unskilled „Profane-Symbols“ cause 4,25% of the Illusionists total damage, skilled 8,5%.

    Compared to the other Souls, the Illusionist causes only about 70% to 75% of total damage with his „Ghosts-&-Illusions-Spells“. 25% to 30% of total damage is caused by the Illusions he summons.

    This is a summary of damage value, referring to his Illusions:

    ............................ Zombie-Balls ........................... Profane Symbols ...................... Total
    ...................... (4,5% damage each) ................... (8,5% damage each) ...........................

    Amount: ....................... 3 ............................................. 1 ................................... 22%
    Amount: ....................... 2 ............................................. 2 ................................... 26%
    Amount: ....................... 1 ............................................. 3 ................................... 30%
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post

    Jeff Mc Bride 2009 Dancing Canes (Masters of Illusions)
    Jeff McBride's REVOLUTION
    Dancing Cane Lessons
    Fluorescent Light Dancing Cane V3.0 ( changing colour)
    Red Light Dancing Cane by Juan Mayoral


    This soul is dedicated to fight in melee range with canes. For this, the Illusionist does not ned to carry around a cane all the time. In combat he produces a cane from thin air for every single attack. When the attack ends, the cane vanishes.

    To prevent the Illusionist from being „superior“ in both simultaneously, fighting at melee range and casting from distance, the following 0-Talent was invented:

    “Close-Up-Preperation (P) (0)
    Decreases the damage of all your spells not coming from the „Dancing-Cane-Soul„ or from the „Smoke-&-Mirrors-Soul“ by 20% plus additional 0,3% for each point spent in your „Dancing-Cane-Soul„ or „Smoke-&-Mirrors-Soul“.
    Increases the damage dealt by your „Dancing-Cane-Spells„ or „Smoke-&-Mirrors-Spells“ for each point spent in your „Dancing-Cane-Soul„ or „Smoke-&-Mirrors-Soul“ by 0,75%.
    In addition all damage spells coming from any soul and not consuming a „Climax-Effect“, provide 1 „Climax-Effect“ which lasts for 15 seconds. „ Climax-Effects“ can be cumulated up to 4 times.

    With all 66 points invested in the melee range souls („Dancing-Cane „ and „Smoke-&-Mirrors“), the damage of the 6 other souls reduces as follows:

    (-20%) plus additional (-0,3%) for each point invested (Close-Up-Preperation); wich leads to:

    (-20%) + (-0,3%) * 66 = (-20%) + (-19,8%) = -39,8%.

    To compensate this, the damage of your melee range spells is raised by 0,75% * 66 = 49,5%.

    But of course a combination of melee range spells and distance spells is also possible.

    When for example investing 33 points in melee range and distant soul each, the result is as follows:

    Damage of distance spells is reduced by 29,9% and damage of melee range spells is raised by 24,75%.

    The next 0-Talent ...

    “Durability (P) (0)
    Increases your Block Rating by 30% of your total spell power.
    Increases your Dodge by 60% of your total spell power.
    Increases your Parry by 90% of your total spell power.“

    ... is very similar to the Clerics (Justicar) „Stalwart Citadel“ and „Devout Deflection“ and it should also help the Illusionist (a class with low armor similar to the Mage) to fight and survive in melee range.

    These values presumably have to be revised and are just for illustration.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post

    theory11 - Smoke and Mirrors v4 Playing Cards.flv
    Smoke & Mirrors V5 Trailer - Insomnium.pl
    Smoke & Mirrors v6 Playing Cards (Contest Entry at dananddave.com)


    The Smoke and Mirrors Tree seizes the Dancing Cane Tree concept, containing the Zero Talents „Close-Up Preparation“ and „Durability“ and is extended by the 10-Point-Talent „Pure Smoke“.

    “Pure Smoke (10)
    Pure Smoke
    The Illusionist is surrounded by black smoke.
    The smoke increases the Illusionist's threat generation by 750% and health by 125%.
    In addition the armor is increassed by 100% plus additional 1% for each point spent in the „Smoke-&-Mirrors-Soul“ or „Dancing-Cane-Soul“.
    While „Pure Smoke“ is aktiv, damage done by your „Smoke-&-Mirrors-Spells“ or „Dancing-Cane-Spells“ is decreased by 40%, damage from any other Soul is decreased by 20%.
    „Pure Smoke“ makes immun against all control and movement impairing effects and silence.
    „Pure Smoke“ is a switcher.

    With this talent the Illusionist should be able to tanl without any having problems.

    However, the damage caused by the Illusionist is reduced (once more), because tanks are created to take much damage without breaking, but not for causing much damage.

    So damage from melee range spells (Smoke-&-Mirrors“ and „Dancing-Cane“) is reduced by 40%, damage from all other spells is reduced by 20% in addition to the already mentioned.

    With all 66 points invested in the melee range souls („Dancing-Cane „ and „Smoke-&-Mirrors“), the damage of the 6 other souls reduces as follows:

    (-20%) plus additional (-0,3%) for each point invested (Close-Up-Preperation) plus additional (-20%) (Pure Smoke); wich leads to:

    (-20%) + (-0,3%) * 66 + (-20%) = (-20%) + (-19,8%) + (-20%) = -59,8%.

    Although the spells from the other souls cause very little damage in this combination (40,2%), they are still useful, for example to pull the mobs.

    But of course a combination of melee range spells and distance spells is also possible.

    There is another talent (T1) which I want to point out to you:

    “Shadow Embrace
    The Illusionist is able to cause (magic) spell damage worth 30/60% of total damage against opponents who are actually immune against spell damage.
    While „Pure Smoke“ is active, the damage against „immune“ opponents is 50/100 .
    This rule covers all spells from Smoke-&-Mirrors“ and „Dancing-Cane“.“

    Playing a Warrior, Cleric or Rogue (as melee), you always deal damage to opponents, even, when immune against (magic) spell damage as they cause Weapon-Damage and Physical-Damage.

    As Illusionist you would not have this possibility without the talent „Shadow Embrace“ what would be a hindrance for a melee and a tank.
    „Shadow Embrace“ solves this problem partially; and with „Pure Smoke“ activated to 100%.
    This is very important especially for PvE when tanking bosses that are partially or even entirely immune against (magic) spell damage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloigor View Post

    Penn & Teller: Fool us ITV1 Ali Cook pulls the heads off Animals! Lance Burton - FISM Act
    Lance Burton Bird Act 2
    Winged Sorcery
    Eun Geyol Lee - FISM act
    Dove Magic Show - Jaehoon Lim


    The Beast Master is specialized in conjuring and controlling different kinds of animal companions. His first pet, the dove, may not be very intimidating to his opponents, but no other animal is as classic and popular among the Magician of all times and worlds, and so it has to make an appearance here.

    Beast Master has just one single spell to cause damage at his disposal: „Nature's Fury“. To inflict damage, he has to consult the other soul trees. A wide variety of soul combination is established to help this cause.

    In addition to that, he can use his pet's „Special-Abilities 1 and 2“, which only the Illusionist himself can activate. „Special-Abilities“ change, with the Pet, that is summoned; for example:

    When your „Storm Bird“ is summoned and you cast „Special-Abilitiy 2“, your Pet will give you the „Storm-Shield“.
    When your „Phoenix“ is summoned and you cast „Special-Abilitiy 2“, your Pet will give you the „Fire-Shield“.

    The „Standard-Abilities“ are activated and used by the pet, automatically.

    When reaching 6 points, the Illusionist finally learns to summon and control his true companions.

    With this 0-Talent ]“Mind-Bonding“, the pets cause the more damage by their standard skills, the more points are invested; on the other side the damage inflicted by the Illusionist, is decreased:

    “Mind-Bonding (0) (P)
    The damage from any spell not coming from the „Beast-Master-Soul“ is decreased by 10% plus additional 0,6% for each point spent into the „Beast-Master-Soul“.
    At the same time, the damage inflicted by pets' standard abilities is increased by 6,5% for each point spent into the „Beast-Master-Soul“.“

    For example let's have the combination of Arcane Cards and Phoenix pet.
    To make it simpler, I smoothed the numbers a little.

    Card-Production causes 300 points of damage. With the 0-Point-Talent “Mind-Bonding“ damage is decreased by10%, result: 270 damage.

    For compensation Phoenix causes 30 damage, which leads to the original damage value of 300.

    Here is a small list showing some damage-values:

    _0 Points ............ Illusionist 270 damage .............. Pet 30 damage ............. Total 300 damage
    10 Points ............ Illusionist 252 damage .............. Pet 50 damage ............. Total 302 damage
    20 Points ............ Illusionist 234 damage .............. Pet 69 damage ............. Total 303 damage
    31 Points ............ Illusionist 214 damage .............. Pet 90 damage ............. Total 304 damage
    44 Points ............ Illusionist 191 damage .............. Pet 116 damage ............ Total 307 damage
    51 Points ............ Illusionist 178 damage .............. Pet 129 damage ............ Total 307 damage

    By investing points, the Illusionist can decide freely whether he likes to inflict more damage by himself or if he wants his pet to do the major damage. The broad variety of soul-combination adds to the possibilities.

    For more details, talents, skill-trees and more video-links go and check out: New Calling: The Illusionist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elegra View Post
    A summon spell would be nice for raids and dungeons so people don't need to take forever to get to you.
    Guild Summon. all guilds should have it
    beside whenyou enter said raid or dungeon, everybody will be ported in. so whats the problem with that?

    We could do with a new race, but I am more then happy with everything that SL will bring. no need for a new race and class just yet. Its welcome(offcourse)
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