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Thread: Persistent (or Account based) chat and Calendar

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    Default Persistent (or Account based) chat and Calendar

    When I log out and then log back in on another toon, I miss out on any chat while I was at the logon screen and have no record of the previous chat when I was on the other toon.

    Please let me see my previous chat log on my other toon. At least this way I can catch things being said in guild chat or in 50s (if I go there) while I am changing toons.

    This game started out (a long time ago) as promoting social interaction like twitter and fb. (and what about google+ ??) Well, why not allow chat to extend between toons? Or at least let me decide if the chat should be persistent between my toons (like a checkbox where I can toggle it on or off). Or maybe give us a web-based interface for keeping up with chat? For that matter, why not make the Rift Mobile app web-based? This would allow me to keep chat open in my browser while being on different toons (instead of my phone always needing to be on for this which is slow).

    Oh, and this is really an afterthought (and probably mentioned elsewhere) but when are we getting a calendar in-game? And raid invites etc connected to calendars? Not sure why these are missing in this game.

    Edit: ooops! Ignore this calendar comment, there is another thread for that here.
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