Ok first off I want to apologize if this has been suggested before, I didn't feel like looking through all of the suggestion forum just to check.

Well my idea is rather simple but something I think a lot of people would like. You have a faction based effect rune (like the one events have) that has an effect based off the faction. So for Defiant it would be something along Eldritch Rune and it gives an effect like the one that Centurion's weapons have. For Guardians it would be something like Holy Rune and it gives off a light-based holy looking effect on your weapon. This would be nice for Role-Players since they always like more ways to customize your character and any additional effects you can add to your equipment. For non-Role-Players it is a way to show faction pride (plus many would say it just looks cool). It's nothing super-complicated and they basic idea is already in-game (including one of the effects) and could probably be implemented rather quickly (probably too late for 1.10 but I imagine 1.11 is very viable for a release of this). I know Trion is trying to make "Faction as Fiction" but this doesn't prevent you from playing with people from other factions and many people (such as myself) join a faction based off their ideals and beliefs so having some way to differentiate yourself from the other faction a little bit more without doing anything to game play seems like a big fat win-win.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you a billion times over Trion if you implement this idea.