So I responded to another persons post today while I was taking a break at work and made a comment about it. I got to thinking about my response and decided its well worth a shot and post the idea here.

Many people talk about changes in game, often talk about various ideas that would make the game alot more fun. But one thing I havn't seen is a suggestion such as this. With all the changes Trion is creating, placing in game that effect us all, why not add a little more flavor to the progressive history of the game and the changes we experience first hand.

Here is my suggestion;

With new content emerging for us and sweet additions that we so want and desire to delve into, the progressive history in the patches, future expansions that lead up to change;

1. why not have a few new faces around. Such as new NPC's in the current lands.

2. The upgrade of dwellings upgraded slightly as time passes.

A.Towns: Add more npcs that sell new costume designs for us to wear.

B. Outposts: Add a few horses and maybe slightly better defenses, such as higher walls and the like.

C. Cities: Maybe a new tower, a secret door (Unseen except by those who have the power to "see" ) that transports you to the dungeons below Meridian or Sanctum. Add some ancient skeleton that is enchanted to tell you the history of the dungeon and as to why no one ever knew about it)

D. Camps: A brewery added, more horses, stables etc

3. The change of the lands surrounding;

A. One thing I DO wish to see in scarewood reach is the re growth of the huge trees that once stood in ages past. If this game is progressing into a new age, like the rise of storm legion, guardians and defiants working together, then why not show progression of life itself in all areas.

I bet with the huge trees added it would only make the place even more beautiful. Maybe even have stairs leading up within these huge trees to newly built houses of both friendly and enemy alike.

There is sooo much that could be done to add more flavor, surprises and ever growing life as we know it, to give each of us as players a chance to see history change and life progress. Not all areas has to be changed drastically, but a few signs of change that the ascended help correct would be inspiring.

For potential new players that join us in this game;

1. A large tome that rests on a pedestal in various areas of the zone they are in will tell them of the past history. Most likely this magic tome will reside in an upgraded area where life has progressed and is fortified against invasions of all sorts.

Now your probably thinking " oh goodie...we have to read this? I have better things to do! like farm mats and turn people into lambz!"

On the contrary, Once a person clicks the book to read, you will see chapters that appear on a window in the shape of a book. At the very top it will give a brief but helpful way to exit the book once activated. Choose a chapter and your journey begins!

Once chosen the game will show the history of that time line in the form of a video, like the one we all saw in the very beginning when we started the game. Once finished it brings you back to the chapters or just click X to exit the tome.

These are just some ideas for a new version of progression and I hope you all like it. If not, give your own ideas of change you would like to see as persistent progression"

I would love your feedback and welcome the visions each of you have.