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Thread: Two suggestions! Bag and Notepad

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    Default Two suggestions! Bag and Notepad


    I'd like for us to be able to craft a "Bag" or "Traveling Pack" or some sort, that I could place crafted items(Potions/Armor/etc) in. I'd like to then be able to place that "pack or bag" on the AH for sale. There would need to be a limit of items in bag, I'm thinking 9. I'm also looking for the ability to name the pack "Chromite/Level 29-Full Plate Set" (example), the packs ingrediants would also need to be readable when I mouse-over the pack when it's listed on the AH.


    I'd like the ability to create an ingame "Notepad", so I can keep track of all the prices I have for whatever I sell, be it crafted or looted. A previous game I played gave it a command of "/note". Basically you opened it up, typed whatever and then closed it. It was also connected to whatever toon did it, so each toon would have its own note space. (Client side)

    Goodnight, my friends!

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    I just want an ingame browser
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    if you type /log then start typing, itll record whatever you type until you hit /log again

    the problems with this is that it records what other people say too, and youll have to actually talk in a channel, which would spam others

    so yes, /note would be awesome

    not too sure how i feel about that bag thing, im gonna leave that alone since 95% of what i sell is artifacts, i dont go too much into crafting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robes View Post
    I just want an ingame browser
    One of my favorite QOL things about the Secret World is the in game web browser I would love for Trion to steal that for Rift

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