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Thread: wtb name and race change potions or purchase

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    Default wtb name and race change potions or purchase

    we should be able to have name and race change npc's

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    I disagree with name changes, simply because people build a reputation (good or bad) based on a name. If you trash your reputation now, your only option is to re-roll or transfer. Being able to change your name at the drop of the hat is a bad idea.

    Race changes, though impossible to explain through lore? I wouldn't mind.

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    Absolutely no name changes, please. I hate that it can even be done once a week with transfers. Like the previous poster mentioned, people build a reputation. With name changes, you'll find a bunch of d'bag ninja looters/trolls doing constant name changes.

    Edit: Still wtb account wide ignore lists
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    Name change already exists, really. I shuffled my characters names around twice already because I kept thinking "no no this name suits this toon better". Just move to a new server, making sure the name of your current toon is already taken (by one of your alts is acceptable). BAM change your name. Wait a week and return to your home server.

    As for race change: I would indeed like that for other people (I don't need it now that 1.10 is coming out. Mathosian > all), but I can see it helping others bigtime.
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    I'd like to see a one time only race change option following 1.10 and I would NOT like to see a name change option ever, for the very excellent reasons previously mentioned in this thread.

    Edit: Regarding account wide ignore and friends lists; YES please!
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