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Thread: New Achieve: Dragon Killer

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    Default New Achieve: Dragon Killer

    Okay, the name could use with some imagination, but simple suggestion - with Storm Legion having a Regulos as well as a Crucia raid, it looks like we'll be killing off the dragons pretty soonish (in the next few months). I'm hoping Trion makes the Raid category in Achievements less lonely and adds a meta achievement for killing off all the dragons with a Title reward like "Dragon Killer" or something.

    Right now, all achievement categories has their own meta achieves as well as sub-categories, except Raids, which is all by its lonesome with no meta achieves in the Raid category (not talking about the sub-categories here).

    Give it a killed-all-dragons meta-achieve with a title reward Trion, please! Thanks!

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    I wanted something like this since I saw the achievement "Dragonslayer: Greenscale". I heartily support this idea.
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