Basically I'm suggesting that when we click what role we're going to be, have a check box that states:

"Experienced players only, not for the faint of heart, groups that wish to complete content as fast as possible".

So that players that are experienced and want to "Rush the entire instance" can do so, with other like-minded individuals. Seperate them from the new players that cannot rush through everything because "we" actually need to learn something. Keep the new and "rush crowd" players seperate, please.

If I didn't have MMO experience and I was completely new to the game, I would be *very* turned off by this game. I cannot think of more of a frustration then having to wait 1-2 hours for a dungeon as a new player, only to get into a "rush group" and not know what the hell was going on and no one willing to slow down to help.

This suggestion was created because of thread I made here: