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Thread: Retail Pre-Sales Bonus Capes

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    Default Retail Pre-Sales Bonus Capes

    Hello There,
    I wanted to ask the all important question that I am sure a lot of players are also wondering. Whats up with the pre-order capes. I see Trion has released several different capes that can be ONLY obtained by purchasing your copy of the Storm Legion expansion through certain retailers. Here is the link for the different capes available in the expansion depending on what retailer you purchase from. http://stormlegion.riftgame.com/en/retailers/ I am a founding player of Rift and would like to know if Trion plans to allow subscribers to be able to buy these capes either in game or as an add-on? I can not believe one should have to by the STANDARD EDITION from these retailers to get the cape they want. Then have to turn around and buy the INFINITY VERSION another $60-70 To get the full DLC as seen on this link. http://stormlegion.riftgame.com/en/p...nt=Main_CTA_en

    When all is said and done customers would be paying $120 to get the cape they want and the full expansion with all the goodies. I enjoy Rift but not that much. Is Trion going to come up with a separate add on purchase for all the different capes like they did with the Armored Tiger Mount?? And will it be priced reasonable somewhere in the $7-14 price range?

    As Rift continues to grow in popularity and takes it rightful place in the line of Online Gaming one has to ask these questions.

    So does anyone out there have any thoughts about this?

    And Does anyone at Trion have any response to this as well as I am sure we would all like to get some insight from the Folks at Trion.

    Thank You and Happy Gaming all..

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    I get the feeling that you are also a "returning player" from your forum inactivity for being:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cascades View Post
    a founding player of Rift

    I'm more interested in the game mechanics themselves like Dungeons, PvP balance, Raids, New Souls, ect. The stuff that makes the game actually playable. To each his own, I guess.

    As far as your concerns, at release you may remember that you were given a choice of 4 companions. You could only get one companion. However, you could make more toons and eventually get all 4 on your account. I see no need to be able to buy all the capes, even with my OCD, but I have no objections if someone else wants to since it is only fluff.
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