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Thread: Quests that can lead a player to opposite NPC faction acceptance

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    Default Quests that can lead a player to opposite NPC faction acceptance

    With 1.10 so much is happening that I've only dreamed of in multiple faction MMO's, something that other notable MMO's have yet to accomplish. While we're not sure on the impact of what 1.10 will bring on the Rift community, I'm keeping very high hopes and can't wait for it to happen.

    In the midst of it all though, one thing is missing; acceptance of someone within the opposite faction's cities and towns. Call it a friendship meter, call it notoriety, or just plain ol' reputation, but there should be quest chains, special adventures via unique instanced stories, or item turn ins (or a mix of all of that), that could turn a person's favor to be accepted by another faction.

    Perhaps this could lead, say, a defiant to becoming a guardian in a sense, or the other way around, but the dilemma here would be where this player stands with their original faction. Are they then hated by the original faction they were part of, or does that faction accept their reputation and acceptance in their cities, maybe even being revered for their deeds.

    This would open up the opportunity to do quest lines previously unavailable by opposite faction NPC's. It would also give new achievements to accomplish, and perhaps it would have special quest lines that only the faction switched character can accomplish. The heads of either faction may view such a person with either curious interest or distaste, either way it opens up doors to prove worth and become legendary across Telara in a whole new way.

    Or, we can just have a middle ground and make a brand new "neutral" faction, where you can visit pretty much anywhere without getting penalized.

    Lots of possibilities, but they're possibilities that would be good to visit.

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    Wow, I love your idea!!!! It's such a different take on the faction friendly stance. I think it would be really neat if my Defiant could do quests for Guardians to prove herself as being worthy to be taken back by the gods. She could do a long quest chain to become a Guardian, and be accepted in Sanctum! You could finally add achievements and rewards for doing zone invasions in opposite faction zones.

    It drives me nuts that I see announcements for zone invasions in Silverwood and Gloamwood but there is no reward for me other then your average generic rift closing. I don't get a title or any special achievement reward for doing it like for doing Defiant zone invasions. I'd love to do that!

    And having special quests available would be really cool. It might make others upset though so...maybe just vanity quests? Nothing game making or breaking? Like costume armor or dyes or pets? Or just an achievement or title? Maybe challenges for those who want to earn reputation and honor with the opposite faction? Maybe guild quests too for those who join an opposite faction guild!

    I can see lots of interesting RP story arcs coming from it! A good suggestion, I give it my full support.

    My Telaran Lore and History Blog, with a side of RP storytelling!=http://ascendedtales.blogspot.ca/201...beginning.html

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    I honestly don't believe the quest chain should be too involved.

    As witnessed in EQ2, it was unique but not as popular an idea as one might think it would be.

    Now if they were to institute a way to remove your acceptance with both factions, rendering you open for PvP with Guards and Def's that would be awesome.

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