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Thread: More avenues to expand on Telaran lore, person stories, and more

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    Default More avenues to expand on Telaran lore, person stories, and more

    I'm not exactly asking anyone to copy other current MMORPG's in the story department, such as The Old Republic's story telling format, nor Guild Wars 2 format for personal stories, but what I'd like to see is a new way for Ascended to play in Telara and, optionally, experience unique and worthwhile story quest lines that give their character's more character, or something else.

    One avenue would be personal stories. Another avenue would be to simply add more story to the world itself, such as history, prophecies, more details on legendary character's and their backgrounds, and enemies.

    Seeing Rift has already delved into the comic world, what if Trion released a web series of motion comics, such as what's offered on the Geek & Sundry channel through Youtube and their Darkhorse motion comics?

    Something like this would bring a lot of Telaran lore and characters to life, and it's something that would put more to the world.

    If you don't know what the Darkhorse motion comics are, check them out here. Their worth while!



    While I didn't give too many different examples, it would make the game a more deep and immersive experience to have more intricate stories, or at least story to the world of Telara.
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    That's an interesting suggestion. I'd like for more ways to expand on my player story. Or Ascended storylines in general. I'd like there to be more...hmmm...something...there for being Ascended. More information on them, more conflict, something! Or maybe a backstory questline for each of the soul's creators. Like Neddra the warlock, or Nyx the dominator. Can't think of any of the others at the moment but it would be cool to do quests that pertained to each of those famous souls. I'd like something more tangible, more real for us as members of this world. As it is we just go through the zones, saving random citizens and moving on. I'd like to see us become more...immersive into Telara's every day life. It seems something is missing there, or at least to me it is. I can't even explain it properly darn it lol.

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    More insight into the world would be lovely. I wouldn't recommend personal stories, though, because, in reality, they're just not that personal, and they force your character to behave in a manner that you might not want them to. I'm very much a fan of the silent protagonist for characters that we create ourselves.
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