Here are my suggestions for the new Dimensions, some of which I posted in chat during the PAX West.

1. Have different house models that can be placed within the dimension. The dimension should be just that a blank area where we can place the house of our choosing or build our own house, not have a set house in there messing up future designs or how the house should sit.

2. Be able to set the house as Public or Private. Public being anyone can come in and look around. Private no one can come in.

3. Permission Ranks. Make Ranks for friends so that they can a.) move stuff around b.) access storage c.) just visit. Anyone coming without a rank assigned already as in the case of a Public house, can only walk around and has no permissions. Allow the houses to have a guest board showing visitors and notes if they want to leave you a message.

4. Place a Street sign in the major towns to travel to houses.
A.) click the street sign to bring up a menu like any UI menu (auction house, settings etc) the menu will have tabs as follows:
1.) Public Houses - this tab will list public houses, so you can randomly go visit a house, say a house you saw on the forums, or one a friend told you about etc. This will only list houses that are public.
2.) Guild Halls - this tab will list all the guild halls that are set to public so players can visit guild halls without being a friend.
3.) Friendly Dimensions - this tab will list dimensions that you have been friended to and are allowed to go to.

5. New Rift Forum - Dimension Decorating, a place on the forums for players to post pics of their dimensions and maybe host a Dimension of the week contest, maybe Dimension Holiday decorating contest etc etc.

I think these things will just make the Dimensions that much better.