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    I didn't see this posted, but I'd be lying if I said I read through the bottomless well that is the suggestions section. Anyway, tossing my idea down in there also:

    Players can build resistance cores but mobs themselves have no resist? Fix that!

    Tired of every Mage running pyro flavor of the month - want people to explore other builds? Make mobs resist. Or, hell, make some spells heal. Really, tell me how nuking a fire elemental with fire wouldn't make the fire more powerful. Along the same vein, if mobs have resist, they could also be weaker to opposite element type.

    If people haaaave to use pyro, ok, give another class some mechanic that makes mobs weak to fire. Like a bard song or rogue... Idk... Roguey thing. Idk idc. Mobs should resist and be weak to elements tho!

    what's that you say? It's a FFXI idea? Um, ok. Guilty as charged. But still, seems silly to have a resist mechanic in rift with essences, runes, potions, pa... But mobs themselves don't incorporate resistance at all.
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