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Thread: Soul Wardrobe, SL Housing stuff

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    Default Soul Wardrobe, SL Housing stuff

    Soul Based Wardrobes
    Would it be possible to add some equipment that caters more to a specific soul look? I would love to see some major infusion of wardrobe gear that looks like the current soul I am currently playing. I enjoy playing bladedancer but I do not feel there is enough gear options to put together. Thus if I could get some bladedancer specific costume gear it would be great. Take for example something like this would pull together the feeling of the soul:
    More of a flowing styles of armor. (Final Fantasy XI did pretty much this such that it made an incentive to level the class. If I was a white mage, I would look like a white mage. Same with the other 22~ classes in the game.)

    UI options

    Please allow a UI option to connect wardrobes to soul specs. Literally a check box with a wardrobe option such that when I swap it will automatically swap to that wardrobe. If you could implement a gear set UI as well such that we can create sets in the character screen that would be amazing. Using something like a drop down menu to set the equipment set for that soul spec(saveequip is ok. It would be great if there were visual options as well. I didn't even know saveequip existed til I was told by a friend.)

    SL Housing options

    I happen to be the kind of person who loves to make dungeons, castles, caves and especially traps. But First, please do not limit items that can be laid down in the housing instances. I would love to just make a giant stone fortress(dungeon included). If I can only put down 50 items before reaching a item cap I'll be pretty sad. If I can get the tools to do it then it will likely be done. Second, could you include some of the following items?

    Working doors
    Controllable platforms
    Locks + keys
    Wall torches
    Wall/Ceiling Banners
    Ground and wall texture tools
    long dining room tables + chairs that can be sat in!
    Staircases (wooden or stone)
    Walls and/or wall sections for manipulation
    Throne (Sanctum had a couple I think)
    Corgi statues

    There is plenty more I could come up with but I could see some of this being complicated to apply. (Heck, I would like roaming monsters to make a full out dungeon if you could give me the stuff)
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