I have stated many times, my heart goes out to Trion trying to balance the almost infinite numbers of combinations. Although, truth be told, it is the infinite combinations, that make this game so great. The perfect example of a double edge sword.

So here is my suggestion to help, hopefully without hurting.

Each class has a limited number of types of damage. Before you all go crazy, not skills, leave those. Just limit to types of damage, something like this;

Warrior = Melee and Earth Damage.
Rogue = Melee and Air Damage
Cleric = Melee and Life or Life and Water
Mage = Melee and Death (new Harbinger) or Fire and Death

So warrior skills that do air or fire damage would stay the same just do earth damage instead. etc.

By limit the types of damage, it would seem tweaking resistances would be much easier. Basically this would be for pvp mostly. If rogues are OP to clerics, just raise clerics melee or air resistances. There by eliminating endless skill adjustments.

Anyway just an idea. I suggest this since Trion has said they will be overhauling all the souls for each class. I'm not married to any damage assignments. I don't understand how exactly the damage is calculated either, so if I completely missed, sorry.