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Thread: Drops based on raid composition

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    Default Drops based on raid composition

    Hi guys i wanted to tell you if you can change again the drop rates based on raid composition for example 7 mages on a raid and no item for mages for a couple of bosses , how can you put it like bad luck all the time ? Maybe a double check on it to see if there is a mistake in it or something. Have a nice day ^^
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    It would be kind of nice that if 25% of your group is each class that 25% of the drops ended up for each class.

    What about 3 of the classes that need 2 gear sets . . . so they should count as two. So mages should get 14.3% of drops vs 28.6% for everyone else.

    What about items that are multi-class . . . so staffs should drop 42.7% of the time (Clerics + Mages) but one handed weapons and bows/guns should drop 57% of the time . . .

    What about the fact that you really only have 2 tanks and 3 healers vs 15 DPS . . . so DPS gear should drop 75% of the time vs tank gear . . . and since heals really uses DPS gear these days more like 90%.

    If they kept it simple and just had an if(count(rogues) == 0 ) then RogueLoot= "No No No!" I could see it, but you can see how it gets pretty complicated once you decide to start tweaking it.
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    I would love it if they could change it so that if you get an item one week its drop chace is reduced by 30 % for each successive reset that it drops, with the chance resetting to normal if it doesn't drop for a week, at least that way you would only see mak and atros plate dps gloves every other week. Doubt they could make that work though.
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