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Thread: Improving Rep Grinds, slightly

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    Default Improving Rep Grinds, slightly

    Ok, so you have a toon that is maxed on all reps (Main or whatever.) Now you want to get those runes for your alts. Here is a suggestion:

    If a player has maxxed Rep on an account, then that account's other toons start off not as neutral but friendly. The Roleplay for this would be that your Main introduced your alts to the faction leaders and said this guy can be trusted. Since your main is glorified, its like a hero vouching for your alts.

    The Faction Leader than gives the alt a new quest. It is a quick quest and the reward is 5 Specific Rep boosting vials. Like the XP, Favor Vials. They last 1 hour each for 100% Rep.
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    Or just make the runes (or whatever) bind to account.

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    Or make the rep to cover all toons in your account...
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    I agree with Aerisod.. This seems very natural to me.. If you allow all your chars to have the same rep, it kinda defeats the purpose of playing/grinding which might be good or bad depending on how you view you game hehe.

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