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Thread: New Rogue Taunt ability

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    Default New Rogue Taunt ability

    An AE force taunt that is laid down similar to a rogue's land mines or something that the mob runs into and says "Ok, now that darn rogue that laid this down has to die!!"

    It is not persistent (so it pops and is gone), pops when a mob runs over the center of the targetted area and it is laid down with the targetting circle like Firestorm or Circle of Oblivion.

    Has a 1 min CD

    Name it Blink Bomb and it counts as a blink when working in conjunction with other abilities for aggro.
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    I'd like a taunt ability where the rogue does a thumb nose and goes "na-na-na-na-na-na."

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    I want ranger tame pet, so you can get a difffrent pet skin for each basic abilty pet, with difrently named based on beast but the same basic abilties functionalty wise that go along with pet type (tank,pvp,dps.) You could also give druilds Befreind fey so the could get fey with flower if the wanted or a devianr fey one of those little melow type trixster little men or whatever. Those thi last sejesstion is way out there and dose not fit.
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    Instead of a new ability, they could instead just make Planar Attraction even better, teleport up to 8 enemies (instead of 5) and decrease the cooldown of a minute to maybe 30 seconds; a 1 minute cooldown is quite ridiculous.

    Also, instead of it being a 44 point ability make it 38 or 40 too, would be nice.

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    This is quite a cool concept for a taunt, although a trap/bomb seems more Saboteurlike than Riftstalker.
    Perhaps the graphic could be a tear or something.

    I don't think Planar Attraction needs to be improved, it's already so good.

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    I agree, this seems like a neat idea.. along with eliminating bard aggro...

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    what about a ranged ability that places a marker on the ground like memory capture (call it a space tear or what ever works with lore) then give another ability that works like flash back and planar attraction at the same time. sucks multiple (or single) target(s) to your location. seems pretty riftstalkerish to me. or just make it a single ability that does both but on a 1min cd like planar attraction

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