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Thread: Idea's For End Game PVP

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    Default Idea's For End Game PVP

    Howdy folks I have been taking alot more interest in PVP and on the forums since this debacle over normeliztion, and it just keeps going around and around with no end in sight. I read a couple of threads today that gave me an idea/vision for end gamme pvp. And i am taking points that i have heard form other people and put them together here. Now this is just a wish list and i am putting things in here that i know trion does not want to do for some silly reason but i am going to stay on it. This might be long sorry.
    Now this person had some awsome points that he very well articulated in his post and I agree with full heartedly. PvP left because there was nothing left to do, no progression. They didnt like face planting lower ranks over and over again thus no competition. No new maps for way to long. And now there is not a large enough player base to sustain lower rank players and new players that would like to start, so now they all get thrown together and people are upset. So if all these PVE people who say they want normalization would just start PVP their should be enough people to put them with there respected rank. Ok getting off subject.
    ANywho I would like to see a neutral location somewhere where all the PVP can go, like some badass castle out in the middle of the ocean or some under ground bunker, I dont care. This place should be a PVP dream with lots of large open pits where PVP can have organized compititions or tournements with lots of goodys for people to recieve, no gear though, dont want people to think they have to do this if they dont want to. Maybe just some pvp runes, mounts, pets, titles etc.... The pits should be open to the public for viewing and you should be able to place bets on the characters, this would only occur for tournements. They have had stands where you could place bets so I dont see the harm, its not like your going to have to call a hotline or something if you start having a problem. The halls or rooms should have the armour of PROGRESSION with storys behind them.
    There should be a 1vs1 queue that stay within your calling and if you dare queue for all calllings. And whatever the community wants for the other 5vs5 or 10vs10 etc... but they should have an even amount of callings so you can just queue with 10 warriors this needs to be like dugeons queues. O ya what is so cool about this game for me, is building your character and adding all that stuff to him/her to give you the advantage so you should probably have atleast half of the top PVP gear to stay competitive. So you do whatever you can to have the best stuff in here.
    Now that you have a end game maybe their will be more PVP so you can level with others at your rank. You have a never ending amount of competition and tactics that are always going to changing and adapting and you will be on a level playiing feild, and people have something to look forward to when they level out. Make a couple new maps and rework CQ a little I like CQ but they need to be a little shorter and more exciting. Now going back to the queueing system i said that they need to keep teams even by callings because some callings are going to be op in pvp thats because we as pvp are going to have to work around pve so they dont get thrown off. well their is more but i just dont want to type anymore and i am sorry for such a long read i just want everyone to throw their ideas for end game out there instead of *****ing. thx.

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    crit by wall of text

    edit: found something worthwhile:

    Quote Originally Posted by Godmoney View Post
    Now going back to the queueing system i said that they need to keep teams even by callings .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majorin View Post
    Keeping a thread going with half truths, ignorance, bias, and an inability to understand even the most basic elements of pvp is not going to get anything nerfed.

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    They should just add a hide and go seek gametype that isn't dependent on gear. That might be the only of hope of balanced PVP in the future. Inb4 Normalize run speed

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