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Thread: Base class abilities

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    Default Base class abilities

    One of the things that I enjoyed in WoW was that each class had certain base abilities regardless of what spec you took. Mages would always be able to sheep, Priests could always fear, druids could always put targets to sleep, and so on. It made dungeons much more tactical as you would work together in difficult dungeons to CC enemies and deal with them in a certain fashion.

    In RIFT however, we must spec into certain tree's to get CC, there are no base abilities. Often players do not wish to sacrifice DPS or have a specific spec just for CCing mobs and it leads to dungeons where there is little CC available and so we tend to try to zerg a lot of the trash. No doubt there is CC available, but often it is incidental.

    I think that giving each class certain key abilities that they retain no matter what soul combination they are using would be of great benefit to all players both in PvE and PvP, and to instance designers who could create interesting encounters that players would need to overcome by using their base abilities.

    Imagine a mage being able to transmogrify, a warrior being able to stun, a rogue being able to snare and a cleric being able to silence a mob no matter what spec they are in.

    Obviously this doesn't need to be limited to CC abilities, it could expand to other things but that was the most obvious example, as they not only define the classes, but also give great utility without the need for sacrificing personal performance.
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    Essentially... that's what zero point souls are for.

    Most soul combinations have a zero point in it that if the situation calls for it, can switch to the soul needed.

    If a mage needs to squirrel, they can swap to dom. It's not talented but it should still get the job done.

    Trion has done a good job of making sure all the souls have some type of CC to them though. I'm not really sure what the problem is here. CC is still tactical in dungeons and raids. I think this is a case of wanting Rift to be more like WoW more so than anything else when Rift is its own beast and should keep going the way its going.
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    I agree with the OP.

    In a way, Rift is stuck with the "flexibility" enforced onto the players.
    And, because of that, the players have little to no flexibility at the end.

    Giving base abilities to every class can be a good start to introduce real flexibility to the class/soul system Rift has.

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    I disagree. Part of being prepared is making sure that you're capable of dealing with whatever issues may arise. Part of being flexible is coming up with ways of dealing with enemies.

    Take Transmogrify, for example. Outside of Vladmire Prime, is there a situation where only that spell is useful and nothing else is? I certainly can't think of one. If I need to keep something CC'd, I could easily use a Necromancer or Elementalist pet to keep that mob pulled to the side, or in the case of raiding where toughness matters, we could have an off-tank keep that add out of LoS of the raid.

    If you make the most useful tools available to all souls, you don't actually increase flexibility, you reduce it. Since you've removed reasons to go into one soul, that means that the weaker souls will simply be forgotten, even more than they are now. The only issue that needs to be corrected is the placement of useful abilities.
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    the way I see it,

    since I suggested this early on in Rift beta

    is that all the Clone Abilities that each calling soul gets,

    should simply be baseline skills for the calling itself rather than taking up vital root slots.

    Replace those clone skills with unique abilities.

    Look at Druid and Shaman for example. they have skills that are basically the same early in the root. make basic strike a baseline calling skill, and replace those with unique soul abilities, and not just same skill with different name.

    same thing for Paladin and Warlord basic attacks. they the same with different name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarien View Post
    One of the things that I enjoyed in WoW...
    Collaborative CC is not the best system. It didn't work in WoW and I would hate to see it built into the mechanics of a dungeon here... "The party must have a mage who must squirrel *that* mob or we wipe"

    EQ and EQ2 had a better system in the Enchanter class.

    I would love to see the bard here given a decent set of CC like the enchanter had, the ability to mez an encounter for 30 to 40 seconds (broken by damage), the ability to chain and slow, the ability to mind control mobs.

    Don't give the CC to each class, make the bard more useful and need a little skill to play. Give the entire CC job to one dedicated person.

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    I very strongly oppose anything of the sort.

    If anything Trion needs to make all the souls even more different from each other than they presently are.
    Variety is the spice of life and choosing to get some utility should be a real decision people have to make.

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