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Thread: Sugested minor lore SL story idea to facilate limited CoOp between factions.

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    Default Sugested minor lore SL story idea to facilate limited CoOp between factions.

    Ok I have a idea for a story in rift that could possobly be fit in and told via a quest. I got the idea because of the idea to make guards and defiant cooperate in storm legion. Read all and hear me out:

    Ok A promnant Kalari female such as the priestess of the Kalari, who is defiant falls in love with a promanant high elf male, or the other way around with the male being kalrari and the female being highelf.

    They marry and decided they want to start a elf unifacation movement, to unify the elf races based on there common heritage.

    Not all agree to this so it spawns a neutral elf faction, like a non enemy Aelfwar, thats a coalition of Kalari and highelfs, that become a faction, elves and others can get notirity with and they have a quarter master.

    Maybe the couple could be Shyla and a male Kalari defiant leader, or others. The neutral faction can be in both sanctum and maredian.

    Since not all agree with it only faction elves are considered neutal based on a limited agreement but the factions (guard and defiant) are still basicly enemies so it dose not upset major lore, pvp and so on. Inspired some Mathosians and eths uniate and join the faction.

    Basicly they are like the cenarain exspadition in WoW and comprise both Kalari and highelfs that are netral in the war between guard and defiant but can act as a go between for both sides and a exscuse for defiants in sanctum and guards in mardian, to help facilatate some cooperation between the faction aginst the major outside threats.

    They would give faction quests to both sides elf or not. They would have outfit rewards for high Noteriaty, like a the farclan captured kalrai top, some kind of elf heratige armour that can be got by elfs and non elfs, and maybe a copy of shylas outfit for females and one of the Kalri males at max lvl at maximum rep.

    Also maybe Something resembaling Asha catrari's outfit for eths, mathosians.

    In adition to the pratical aplacations of this, the steamy romance of former enemy elfs, Interracial, Kalrai and high elf should have apeal to the players, and set a exsample that Defiant and guards can work together on a limited basis...Mathosian and eth Kalri and high elf, to combat a greater threat and save the world.
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